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What is PC Health Advisor?

download PC Health Advisor PC Health Advisor is an innovative program that consists of several tools that will optimize, clean and protect your computer. PC Health Advisor has many analogs, but no competitors, because this program easily solves system errors that slow down your computer. This program defragments the hard disk to increase speed and to regain space. You can control the startup items, if you use PC Health Advisor, deciding by yourselves what programs should run at the startup. PC Health Advisor can also clean your PC and protect it from viruses. Make your computer faster with PC Health Advisor.

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PC Health Advisor is a program that will provide you with the needed information about your computer health and with the special tools to speed up your Pc and to optimize it. This program is able to solve numerous pc problems, giving you a change to eliminate all common problems from one place. Your computer will be also protected from different modern malware infections and also from zero-day viruses that threaten every day. Download PC Health Advisor on this page and make your computer faster.
Here are the main advantages of PC Health Advisor:

  • It is possible to customize PC Health Advisor as you like. PC Health Advisor consists of several useful tools and every user will find any that he likes. Users can customize Home window and the components that will be scanned with the program, such as drivers, processes, registry and privacy.
  • The vendor of PC Health Advisor has improved Chrome browser support, so the program is able to remove all the associated privacy files. So, PC Health Advisor takes care about your privacy.
  • PC Health Advisor is at your service. It will help you when some files do not open. The program will launch by itself this moment and the special File Extension Manager will search the program for you that will open the file.
  • PC Health Advisor, being installed on your computer will inform you about the health status of the PC. It will alert you, when it is high time to defragment the hard drive in order to speed up the performance. The program will inform you about the needed actions every time.

Main features

  • PC Health Advisor is going to optimize your computer and to speed up the performance, defragmenting the hard disk, managing startup items. It will also inform you about the monitored processes. Cleaning the registry with this program, you will not see slowdowns anymore, because all the possible errors will be fixed.
  • PC Health Advisor reclaims space by removing unnecessary duplicate and temporary files and removes all other junk files. This program is able to delete all the information that is cached in browsers, including history. PC Health Advisor can also disable BHOs in order to speed up your browser.
  • PC Health Advisor can protect your computer from malware, finding its running processes and ending them. The regularly updated signature base is a guarantee that your computer will be protected. All internet files that contain your private information should be removed, so PC Health Advisor will do it for you, protecting your sensitive data.
  • Using PC Health Advisor, you can have an access to great tools that will help you to keep your computer health and optimized. The program is able to scan your PC for outdated drivers and can update them for you to make your PC more stable. If you cannot open any file, then PC Health Advisor will do it for you. It will search and download the programs that support the specific file extension. You can also disable some features of Windows OS, for example Desktop Search in order to save the space on your Hard disk. Also PC Health Advisor will provide you with the convenient scheduling of scans and HD defragmentation.
  • Due to comprehensive and continually updated library of applications and processes PC Health Advisor is at your service for effective and advanced memory management and optimization. You can also get the technical support, if you need to solve any problems that are related to PC Health Advisor.

System requirements.

Compatible with Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Seven/8
256 MB of RAM
20 MB of available hard disk space

You can download PC Health Advisor here:


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PC Health Advisor Scan results

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