How to remove Smart PC Cleaner

Smart PC Cleaner is a unreal antivirus program that is going to your money, swindling you. Obviously, the software is the same as many other unreal antivirus tools. Smart PC Cleaner was released not so long ago, but it was installed into many users’ computers and the users were cheated dangerous functions. This program, appearing on the computer, has the aim to scare users and to make them to pay for the license key of the program as though it is going to uninstall all the existent viruses from your system. Users should not look through the mendacious massages and delve into them. If you find out that Smart PC Cleaner or different its release appears on your PC, then you can use the removal instructions or Smart PC Cleaner removal software from this page in order to remove Smart PC Cleaner.

Fast automatic solution:

If you do not know why Smart PC Cleaner is installed on the PC, so you should recollect what freeware you installed not so long ago. Probably you have downloaded Smart PC Cleaner with a no-cost software. It is also possible that you have visited any dangerous site that infected your computer with this rogue antivirus. You need to realize all the truth about Smart PC Cleaner. You should not pay for its license key. And this rogue software will not remove any viral objects, no matter will you buy the license key or not. You should disregard all the information that the rogue antivirus tries to let you know. It will show you different alerts and scan reports that inform you that the PC is full of numerous computer threats. But, in reality your system is not infected with such viruses. The real virus that is installed in the system is Smart PC Cleaner fake anispyware. If you are eager to uninstall Smart PC Cleaner from your system, then you can to perform the instructions.

remove Smart PC Cleaner

Remove Smart PC Cleaner from your PC

This article will tell you how to remove Smart PC Cleaner manually, so if you know how you can remove folders, files and registry entries of the malware and it will not be difficult for you, then it is recommended to follow manual removal method that are described below. If you know that it is very hard to remove some registry entries from the Registry Editor and delete Program files and folders or you do not know how you can do it or what the Program folders are, then you should use any of the special utilities, described below. It will keep your system safe and sound and will solve the problem of Smart PC Cleaner Removal, performing all the items of the method instead of you. Only you can make a decision what Smart PC Cleaner removal ways or antivirus program to use, but I hope the info in will help you to delete the annoying alert messages of the rogue antivirus that is installed in the system they will not worry you anymore.

Smart PC Cleaner Removal Tool

Downloading the latest version of Smart PC Cleaner removal Tool with new convenient and intuitive interface you can get modern support in removal of viruses. The program will 100% remove Smart PC Cleaner from your PC, because it specializes in it. This utility is also a removal tool for other fake antiviruses, so your PC will be protected not only from Smart PC Cleaner. It is possible to look through the found malicious items, so you can see all of them and be sure that the program will not remove anything that should not be removed. Edit the list if you want to leave some of the items.


If you want to get real-time antivirus protection and remove Smart PC Cleaner from your PC, then you can use SpyHunter. You can be sure that SpyHunter has Smart PC Cleaner virus in its antivirus base and will also remove this viralsoftware. SpyHunter is a very effective automatic way that will delete Smart PC Cleaner on your PC, removing all the files and folders of this malware. SpyHunter will guard your personal information, for instance number of your credit card, from cybercriminals with the help of powerful tools that preclude online phishing scams. You can use SpyHunter from this article. The latest version of SpyHunter gives the opportunity to users to select Full and Custom Malware Detection Scan. SpyHunter is a program that provides real-time protection, so the program is able to detect even zero-day viruses that can be rarely found by other nowadays antispyware software.

remove Smart PC Cleaner with the help of SpyHunter

Smart PC Cleaner virus removal from Control Panel:

This way can be the first one that you will use because it is easy-to-use manual removal instruction and you need not any extra knowledge for it. This instruction lets users to eliminate any installed program from their computer.

  1. Click Start button=>Control Panel=>Uninstall a Program under Program subtitle.
  2. Select a program that you want to remove, and then click Uninstall.
  3. Eliminate Smart PC Cleaner elements from your PC:

    If Control Panel manual method was not helpful for you for the reason that you did not find the software that you are eager to remove in the list of the installed programs or the deleted program shows up again, installing itself one more time, then you can follow the items. In order to use this instruction, you should have some specific knowledge, because you will have to find the needed registry entries and delete them.

    1. You should delete the registry keys of this program:
      • SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Smart PC Cleaner_is1
      • Software\Smart PC Cleaner
    2. Find and eliminate these enumerated files:
      • C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\Smart PC Cleaner.lnk
      • C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Smart PC Cleaner\Check updates.lnk
      • C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Smart PC Cleaner\Help.lnk
      • C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Smart PC Cleaner\Smart PC Cleaner on the Web.lnk
      • C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Smart PC Cleaner\Smart PC Cleaner.lnk
      • C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Smart PC Cleaner\Uninstall Smart PC Cleaner.lnk
      • C:\Program Files\Smart PC Cleaner\SmartPCCleaner.exe
      • C:\Program Files\Smart PC Cleaner\SPCGuard.exe
      • C:\Program Files\Smart PC Cleaner\SPCLauncher.exe
      • C:\Program Files\Smart PC Cleaner\SPCReminder.exe
      • C:\Program Files\Smart PC Cleaner\SPCSchedule.exe
      • C:\Program Files\Smart PC Cleaner\SPCSmartScan.exe
      • C:\Program Files\Smart PC Cleaner\SPCUninstaller.exe
      • C:\Program Files\Smart PC Cleaner\Startw3i.exe
      • C:\Program Files\Smart PC Cleaner\unins000.exe
    3. You have to eliminate the following folders:
      • %PROGRAMS%\Smart PC Cleaner\
      • C:\Program Files\Smart PC Cleaner
    4. Then you should scan your computer, using any real antivirus software.

    Complete Smart PC Cleaner Virus Removal

    If you like performing manual removal method to remove Smart PC Cleaner, then you should know that any computer threat can infect your system with other harmful objects, so you should download any antivirus tool to to solve this issue.

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