How to remove FB Photo Zoom

What is FB Photo Zoom

FB Photo Zoom is a hijacker that can infect any popular browser. This infection works like all other hijacker, when you want to use your search provider to find anything on the Web and you enter the search request, then you will not see any of the needed websites. All the search results will be the commercial webpages that will try to palm something off on you. You should not believe to the advertisements that you can see, because most of them are fake in order to deceive people and to get their money. The only right way out from this situation is to remove FB Photo Zoom from your computer.

fb photo zoom

FB Photo Zoom toolbar is a very annoying program that will torture you with redirection, download dangerous files and show frustrating pop up adverts. Remember that you should not visit any website that the program can advise you, because it can be malicious and if you will visit it, your computer will be full of infections. If FB Photo Zoom is installed on your computer, then you can notice that the PC is very slow. It will be very hard to open the programs you need and to use Internet as you like.

Use special tool for removing FB Photo Zoom created by Security Stronghold:

Manual Removal of FB Photo Zoom

If you want to remove FB Photo Zoom by yourselves, then you should follow the next instructions:

  1. You should try to scan your computer for infections, but if it will not find anything, then you should repeat this step as the last step of instructions. If you will have to scan your computer after all items of instruction, then you should reinstall your antivirus.
  2. You can try to perform System Restore, sometimes this method is very effective. You should restore your system to the date and time before the infection penetrates your computer.
  3. You should try to uninstall FB Photo Zoom with the help of Add/Remove program utility. So, click Start button, then select Control Panel, then click Uninstall a program. Select the name of the program in the list, highlight it and then click Uninstall button.
  4. If no of this items was not helpful for you, then you should remove FB Photo Zoom directly from your browser:
  5. For Mozilla Firefox:

    1. Click Tools, then Add-ons.
    2. On the Extensions and Plugin tabs find FB Photo Zoom and remove it.

    For Microsoft Internet Explorer:

    1. Click Tools and select Manage add-ons.
    2. On the Toolbars and Extensions tab find FB Photo Zoom and remove it.

    For Google Chrome:

    1. Click on the Wrench or 3 bar icon next to the address bar and navigate to Tools > Extensions.
    2. Delete FB Photo Zoom by clicking the trash can icon next to it.
  6. Scan your computer for infections one more time if needed.

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