How to remove AVCrypt Ransomware and decrypt files

What is AVCrypt?

AVCrypt is new cryptovirus that uses AES/RSA encryption algorithms to prevent access to user’s files. While encoding, virus prepends “+” to each affected file. For example, myfamily.jpg turns into +myfamily.jpg. After this, it creates TXT file (“+HOW_TO_UNLOCK.txt”) which contains merely “lol n” text instead of ransom demands. This suggests that AVCrypt Ransomware is still under development.

AVCrypt ransomware
You should know that decryption is impossible while the virus is on your computer. That’s why you should first remove AVCrypt ransomware and then you take care of your files. Below you’ll find effective removal tool and some methods to decrypt your files.

How to remove AVCrypt from your computer?

It scans your computer and detects various threats like AVCrypt, then completely removes it. One of the best features of this program – large threat’s database. SpyHunter’s newly advanced ransomware detection technology is able to run an instant ransomware scan and show you a message about detection. After deep scanning of your system, it will easily find and delete AVCrypt. Use this removal tool to get rid of AVCrypt ransomware for FREE.
Download Norton windows compatible

How to decrypt .AVCrypt, .cryptowin, .cryptobyte files encrypted by AVCrypt?

Once you’ve removed virus, you are probably thinking of recovering files from encryption. Let’s take a look at possible ways of decrypting your data.

Recover data with Data Recovery

Data Recovery

  1. Download and install Data Recovery
  2. Select drives and folders with your files, then click Scan.
  3. Choose all the files in a folder, then press on Restore button.
  4. Manage export location.

Decrypt infected files manually

You can try to use one of these methods in order to restore your encrypted data manually.

Restore data with Windows Previous Versions

This feature is working on Windows Vista (not Home version), Windows 7 and later versions. Windows saves copies of files and folders which you can use to restore data on your computer. In order to restore data from Windows Backup, take following steps:

  1. Open My Computer and search for the folders you want to restore;
  2. Right-click on the folder and choose Restore previous versions option;
  3. The option will show you the list of all the previous copies of the folder;
  4. Select restore date and the option you need: Open, Copy and Restore.

Restore the system with System Restore

You can always try to use System Restore in order to roll back your system to its condition before infection infiltration. All the Windows versions include this option.

  1. Type restore in the Search tool;
  2. Click on the result;
  3. Choose restore point before the infection infiltration;
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.
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