Best apps for learning Russian

Best apps for learning Russian

  1. Is Russian becoming a popular language for learning?
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  3. Free apps for learning Russian

Is Russian becoming a popular language for learning?

Statistics show that interest in learning the Russian language is growing every time, especially in Europe. On the one hand, this is not surprising, because people have always had an interest in Russia. The mighty country has always attracted people with its culture, aesthetics, cuisine.


Based on this, it can be argued that most learn a language for travel. In recent years, the number of foreign tourists visiting Russia has been growing steadily. Incidentally, the Russian menu can now be seen in restaurants in many countries, that is, the introduction of Russia has begun.


Of course, Russian education and professions in Russia. Russia is one of the largest suppliers of raw materials, including oil, diamonds, gold, copper, manganese, uranium, silver, graphite and platinum. According to a recent study, the largest number of scientific publications published in English, in second place is Russian. This applies to chemistry, physics, geology, mathematics and biology. Innovations in programming, software development and information technology come from Russian government agencies and private companies. Many students decide to study in Russia because there are quite reasonable and low prices for education. Studying Russian helps you get to programs after undergraduate studies: students who study Russian are more likely to take graduate studies in law schools, business schools, medical universities, and other professional programs.

Are you interested in learning Russian? Then we are happy to help you reach a high level of language skills without tedious books, wasting time on courses and tutors. We offer you great applications that will help you learn Russian with great pleasure.

The best app for learning Russian

Download Mondly app

If you want to increase your level of Russian or you want to pull the language up to the level of a carrier from scratch in a short time, then you definitely need Mondly. According to users, this application replaces any tutor or any reading of a book for learning a language. In addition to the high quality of Modly, it is still very interesting to work with it.

Download Mondly

Free apps for learning Russian


duolingo learning app

Duolingo is one of the most popular applications for learning Russian. This program offers numerous written lessons and dictations, you can also practice already learned words. This application will be interesting to both: adults and children because it is made in a game format, users receive coins as they learn a language, for example, after passing a lesson. It is very convenient that as soon as you enter Duolingo, it will ask you the purpose of learning the language, for example, to know what you are going to focus on. Skills are learned when users complete all the related lessons.

duolingo application

In one lesson you can earn 10 points. There is also a workout function for a time when users are given 30 seconds and twenty questions. For one course, the user can learn up to 2000 words. A distinctive feature of this application is the presence of the internal game currency (lingot). For passing all the lessons in the skill, 2 lingots are issued, you can spend them in the game store or give users who have left a useful comment. At any level of language learning, you can buy a language proficiency test for 25 lingots, an electronic certificate will be issued after passing the test. This test can be passed repeatedly.


Memrise app

Memrise is a free Russian learning application. The whole game is a type of learning Russian on the cards. Firstly, you will be provided with cards with words, expressions in this language, as well as their presentation. A distinctive feature is an ability of user to select words or phrases that cause particular difficulty in writing or pronunciation. Memrise helps users to memorize difficult words with pictures or rhymes. Maybe that’s why this program is so named. The common possibility of Memrise is also noted in the fact that Memrise is loaded with excerpts of videos of native speakers who pronounce any words, and your task is to understand what they said.


Busuu is application for learning Russian ​​for iOS and Android. You will be provided with independent lessons, vocabulary and grammar, practice of knowledge in conversations or written conversations with native speakers in the Busuu community.

busuu application

After registering you will be available to the course, which is divided into several stages (primary, intermediate, advanced). Stages are divided into lessons. Busuu has a very handy assistant. During the break, lessons appear help of spelling or pronunciation of words and phrases. For example, when and under what circumstances this word can be used in a sentence.

Make a conclusion

We hope that our article will be useful to you, will interest you, and you use some kind of application that we offer you. We wish you an interesting and successful Russian learning

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