Sweet Search is a browser hijacker that redirects users’ search requests to sweetsearch.com. This program makes users to enter their search queries in the search provider that is not able to give the exact answer to the question. You will see plenty of advertisements that are waiting for your click, but you should not click on them if you do not want to get virus on your computer. This search shows you the websites and the ads from them that paid to the search creators to incise traffic on them. Usually this program changes the default settings of the browser, and it is impossible to change them back. If you want to remove Sweet Search, then you are welcome to use the removal instructions from this page or Sweet Search Removal Tool.

You can get this redirector, if you downloaded ad installed freeware not so long ago. You can just install any free videos, codes or free applications and get some bundled programs in your browser. Usually the bundled programs are installed into your browser in the form of toolbar or hijacker.
In order to protect your computer from the possible infections that can cause Sweet Search, you should remove Sweet redirect from your browser, using the instructions from this page. You can also use the program that was created especially for users that want to uninstall Sweet Search.

remove Sweet Search

Manual Sweet Search removal instructions for Internet Explorer:

  1. Click: Tools=>Internet Options=>General.
  2. Set the homepage that you want to use here instead of the removed Sweet Search.
  3. Then follow: Settings=>Manage Add-ons.
  4. Remove Sweet Search and Apply the changes.

How to uninstall Sweet Search in Firefox manually:

  1. Follow: Firefox=>Options=> General
  2. Here you can remove Sweet Search and set the homepage.
  3. Follow: Firefox=> Add-ons Manager.
  4. You can get rid of Sweet Search, clicking the Remove near the add-on.
  5. Click Manage Search Engines, then select the engine that you want to use and click OK.

Manual Sweet Search removal instructions for Chrome:

  1. Click Menu icon, then follow: Settings=> Set Pages
  2. Select the page that you want to use, you can also set Blank Page.
  3. Click Manage Search Engines and choose the search engine that you want to use.
  4. Click on Menu button again and then Tools=> Extensions. Here you can uninstall Sweet Search from Chrome.

If there instructions are rather hard to perform for you, then you can use the Sweet Search Removal Tool:

This removal tool will remove sweetsearch.com redirect from your browse rand you will not see its annoying ads anymore.

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How to remove Sweet Search

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