How to remove Globe ransomware and decrypt .globe and .purge files

Globe is ransomware-type virus developed in honor of the popular Purge movies. After infiltration, Globe starts scanning and encrypting files, then it changes extension of infected files by adding .globe or .purge. Attackers leave the essential instruction in form of file "How to restore your files.hta" which you will find in each folder with the encrypted data. Read more [...]

How to remove HotShoppy (Mac)

HotShoppy is an adware program for Mac OS similar to EasyShopper, LiveShoppers, and BestWeb Shoppers. The program is allegedly designed for enhancing Internet shopping experience, but in reality, it only diminishes it. After launch, HotShoppy starts producing countless ads containing various lucrative offers. Read more [...]

How to remove TmtkControl or TControl

TmtkControl or TControl is an adware that will spam your computer with pop-up ads in your web browser. The only and one purpose of such applications is to earn a profit on annoying advertisement. The most disturbing feature of this adware, that it will randomly open advertisement web pages in your browser without any permission. All these web pages look the same and contain some random text fragments on the green background with a lot of ads. Read more [...]

How to remove Rocket Tab

Rocket tab is a potentially unwanted program that gets on computer without user's consent. The program vociferously states that can improve you Internet browsing experience by letting to use simultaneously multiple search engines in a single window. Actually, it hijacks your browser settings in such a way that your browser will filled up with ads, hiding the website's content. Read more [...]

How to remove SPC Optimizer

SPC Optimizer is a badware or Potentially Unwanted Program, that claims to improve your computer's performance by fixing registry issues, removing temporary and optimizing your system. Though it will demand payment after scanning your system in order to "help" you with your system's problems. However, it’s not true, probably there is nothing wrong with your computer, they are not going to help you, so don't buy the full version of this badware. The only and one purpose of such applications is to earn easy money without doing any good to you. Read more [...]