How to remove goDownload Search Plus

What is goDownload Search Plus? goDownload Search Plus as well as Zooms Starts, Search by Zooms and Musix, is a malicious extension, offered by All these extensions usually implemented in a browser on a user's PC and show behavior similar to browser hijackers. goDownload Search Plus is able to change a homepage of popular browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and IE, so that every time you try to open a new tab in your browser, you'll open Yahoo search, provided by Read more [...]

How to remove Search By Zooms

Search By Zooms is a browser hijacker that takes over your browser and forcibly sets up its own search engine. Along with this, it injects lots of ads into browser and this is only means of making money for developers. That’s why user will see them the whole time when browsing web-pages. Read more [...]