How to remove Scarab-Zzz Ransomware and decrypt .zzzzzzzz files

The month was marked by releasing several viruses from Scarab developers such as Crash, Gefest, and Zzz. In this article, we will dwell on the last one. Scarab-Zzz is a ransomware virus that gets on victim’s computer by means of fraudelent spam emails, fake updaters and scam sites. If you haven’t been acquainted with the term “ransomware” yet, it’s a kind of virus that starts to encrypt targeted data after penetration.

How to remove Recovery Ransomware and decrypt .Recovery files

Following the recently released Omerta Ransomware, Scarab developers team presented another cryptovirus entitled “Recovery”. There is not yet sufficient information to make a judgment about significant differences between the previous one. One has the feeling that developers just change the name of the virus.