How to remove TFlower Ransomware and decrypt .exe files

What is TFlower Ransomware? When your files become unreadable and it seems that nothing has changed, the reason of it can be TFlower Ransomware and you should remove it as soon as possible. TFlower belongs to the encryption viruses family, it means, that such a malware changes the structure of a file and it requires a special key to reverse this process. Usually, after encryption files get an appendix, but in our case nothing changes, as encryption proceeds according to the algorithm of Cipher Block Read more [...]

How to remove Xorist-Mcrypt2019 Ransomware and decrypt .exe files

What is Xorist-Mcrypt2019 Ransomware? Xorist-Mcrypt2019 is a new modification of the well-known Xorist encryptor. This type of malware encrypts important files and makes you pay intruders in order to get your files back. Most commonly they add an appendix to the end of the file. This ransomware is not very wide-spread today, but it's new and it has all abilities to become one of the most destructive malwares of all time. Xorist-Mcrypt2019 uses Tiny Encryption Algorithm (TEA) to encrypt your files Read more [...]