How to remove Combo ransomware and decrypt .combo files

Combo ransomware is the virus, that is infectious and dangerous for any system. Combo ransomware can block all the personal files on your computer and make them unreadable. First Combo infiltrates your system, then starts encrypting procedure with AES-128 (CBC mode) encryption algorithm. This ransomware adds .combo file extension to the name of all the encrypted data. In this article you can learn how to remove Combo ransomware and decrypt .combo files.

How to remove Cmb ransomware and decrypt .combo or .cmb files

Cmb (or Combo) virus is a “successor” of widespread Dharma Ransomware, which was damaged millions of files on users machines around the world. Cmb ransomware has the same algorithm as others ransomware threats: firstly it infiltrate a registry of user’s PC, then the virus encrypts all important files and as final shows to victims some notes, where demand money for decryption.