How to remove Coupon Companion

Coupon Companion is an ordinary program that is usually appears in the system with all sorts of free of charge applications. No doubt this adware can be installed from different viral websites or from the website of Coupon Companion creators, but it can be rarely. The unwanted browser add-on will add its files and folders in the system. Coupon Companion is well known as a virus, but if we will rationally evaluate the situation, then will understand that harmful nature is only in its ads. The software Read more [...]

How to remove Buzz Search Engine Redirect

Buzz Search Engine is a usual adware that can be installed on the PC with the help of different of free programs. Surely the the installation file can be installed from different malicious websites or from the official BuzzSearch website, but it can be seldom. This unwanted software will create its files and folders in the system. BuzzSearch is well known as malware, but if we will efficiently evaluate the situation, then will find out that harmful nature is only in its advertisements. The software Read more [...]

How to remove Converter Conduit Toolbar

Converter Conduit Toolbar is one of the Conduit Toolbars that were created to promote its search provider This toolbar is not a virus, but it is one of the unwanted programs that should be removed from your PC. Some users can think that they did not install this browser extension. If you think so, then you should remember what free programs you installed not so long ago. This free program was the reason of the appearance of this annoying toolbar. If you want to remove Converter Read more [...]

Stronghold AntiMalware review and download

What is Stronghold AntiMalware? Stronghold AntiMalware is a special anti-malware utility created by Security Stronghold LLC. This program is a modern example of the programs that removes different type of malware. The program is highly effective in removing hidden threats, such as Trojans, spyware, keyloggers, rootkits and others, that are not visible at first sight. Furthermore, Stronghold AntiMalware removes adware, such as browser extensions and coupon toolbars. Using Stronghold AntiMalware, Read more [...]

Regcure Pro review and download

What is Regcure Pro? Regcure Pro is a program that helps you to speed up your computer, make it start up and shut down faster, cleaning the registry. This program is the next generation of RegCure Registry Cleaner that was liked by users for years. Slow performance is the result of some registry errors and the presence of unused, outdated registry entries. Regcure Pro is used to eliminate these problems. Also this program ends the processes of malware infections. Using this user-friendly program Read more [...]