How to remove Rapid ransomware and decrypt .cryptolocker files

Article’s Guide What does .cryptolocker stand for? Rapid ransomware encryption process. How to remove Rapid Ransomware from your computer How to decrypt .cryptolocker files Data Recovery Automated decryption tools Other software What does .cryptolocker stand for? A few days ago the one of the most malicious viruses was updated. This virus is called Rapid ransomware … Read more

How to remove Rapid Ransomware and decrypt .rapid or .paymeme files

Rapid Ransomware is a dangerous virus that encrypts files on victim’s computer and demands the ransom. The virus uses AES algorithm and adds new extension .rapid or .paymeme to all the affected files. For instance, myfamily.jpg is changed to myfamily.jpg.rapid or myfamily.paymeme.