How to remove Bing Search from Windows

Why do I have Bing Search as my search engine? Bing Search – is a legitimate search engine, that may be convenient and proper search for some users. However, if you have Bing search engine in your browser as a default and you don’t remember installing it, then you have malicious software on your computer. … Read more

How to remove Bing Search from Mac

If your browser’s search engine was changed to Bing without your consent, then your Mac is probably infected with a malware. Some viruses may cause your browser to function the way you don’t want to. This malware will cause Bing redirect in any browser you may have on your computer. There are a lot of users with this problem, because the infection is contained with some other legitimate software you may download from the internet – that’s call bundling, the concealed method of malware distribution. In this guide you may learn how to remove Bing Search from Mac.