How to remove QNAP-NAS-Encrypt Ransomware

What is QNAP-NAS-Encrypt Ransomware? In this article, we describe possible ways and provide you with the instruction on how to remove QNAP-NAS-Encrypt Ransomware and how to decrypt .encrypt files. This ransomware is usually spread by e-mail messages, infected installers, different types of injections and other ways. There is no difference in how you’ve been infected, … Read more

How to remove Unnamed Encrypt Ransomware and decrypt .encrypt files

Unnamed Encrypt Ransomware is a regular cryptovirus that aims to encrypt user files of various formats and types, for example, office documents, audio, video, multimedia, archives and much more. Encryption is performed using the AES algorithm. The greatest activity of this crypto-extortioner was identified in mid-June 2019. It is worth noting that the cryptovirus was originally written for English-speaking users, however, in a matter of days, Unnamed Encrypt has spread around the world, so more and more users want to remove Unnamed Encrypt Ransomware and decrypt .encrypt files.