How to remove Incognito Starting

Your start page is Incognito Starting and you don't know how did it happened? Then you have come to the right place. We'll explain to you what it is and how can you remove Incognito Starting from your computer and browser. Read more [...]

How to remove Chrome Incognito Button pop-ups

If you have this window - - pop-up in your Google Chrome browser, then your computer is probably infected with a malicious application. This malware imitates Chrome program and forces you to install some kind of extension named Incognito Starting to continue work in Google Chrome. Do not install it! It's fake, the developers of this malware want you to get more of their malicious applications on your computer, that's why we strongly recommend you no to click on anything in this pop-up window and remove Chrome Incognito Button pop-ups as soon as possible. Read more [...]

How to remove ( is a sneaky website trying to portray as a legitimate search engine like Google or Bing. This malware ruins your browser’s work by forcibly changing its configuration. User will also notice frequent redirects to sponsored webpages that often contain malicious infections. Read more [...]

How to remove BestZiper

BestZiper is an adware, that claims to provide you with a good file compressor, but in reality it will spoil your computer and browsers with huge amount of advertisement. This application has only and one purpose to earn a profit on annoying advertisement. BestZiper is able to change your computer's and browser settings so that it'll spam your computer with pop-up and intrusive advertisement on all the webpages you visit, spoiling your internet browsing experience. If you see box with advertisement on the top of webpages, pop-up ads, in-text ads then there is no doubt left - your system is corrupted by this adware. This article will explain you how to remove BestZiper from your computer and web browser. Read more [...]

How to remove is a browser hijacker that is able to change your computer's and browser configurations so that you'll get redirected to suspicious and harmful webpages. This application is genereally installed without your participation with some free software. This browser hijacker claims to enhance your browser functionality by providing you with video and audio converter, but in reality it will switch your search engine and homepage to as well as disrupt your search queries with redirection to unsafe websites where you can get some more malware. That's why you should remove for your safety. Read more [...]