Babylon virus removal instructions

Babylon is a toolbar that can be installed on any computer together with freeware as a bundled program. So, if a user will not notice several checkboxes that he should make empty, then Babylon or any other toolbar or any other bundled program can be installed in the system. In this article you can find Babylon virus removal instructions that will help you to get rid of this browser add-on and change the browser settings as you like. If you do not want to use Babylon search, then you will be able Read more […]


How to remove Switzerland Polizei Virus

Switzerland Polizei Virus is a computer infection that can block user’s PC with an unpleasant message that will blame the owner of the computer in some very unpleasant offences. This message will convince the user that he is guilty and will demand 100 Euro as a fee for the crime. If your computer is locked with this infection, then you are reading the article that you need. I will tell you how to remove Switzerland Polizei Virus from your computer with the help of two methods, manual and automatic. Read more […]


Shop At Home toolbar removal instructions

There are a lot of toolbars that you can install in your browser, but if you are tired of your toolbar and want to remove it, then you are in the right place. In this article I’m going to describe Shop at home toolbar removal instructions, which will help you to remove this toolbar manually. The manual instructions that are enumerated here are not so hard to perform, so you can try to use it. I will also give you an advice how to remove Shop at home toolbar with the help of the special removal Read more […]


Are you looking for the best trojan remover?

Trojan is a kind of computer virus that can infect any computer any time. This virus is very widespread. You can get it, downloading and installing some freeware, visiting some malicious webpages and even just opening the e-mail letter addressed from your friend. Trojans are very cunning programs because they hide themselves in the system. Sometimes a Trojan can be protected with a rootkit. Usually it is very had to remove Trojan infection manually, so many users try to find the best Trojan remover Read more […]


How to remove search is a search engine that can be set in your browser as a default search engine without your consent. This search is considered to be a hijacker that shows its own commercial results according to your usual search requests that were already collected by it. Like all other hijackers search shows different ads and commercial links, so you will not be able to use the search as you like. You will not find the needed information between the tons of advertisements and pop-ups. If Read more […]