How to remove UpgradeAssist from Mac

What is UpgradeAssist? If your browser redirects you to the strange unknown sites and displays advertisements in places where it shouldn't, probably you are infected with UpgradeAssist adware. UpgradeAssist is represented by the application for the Mac OS, which is developed to show victims various advertisements and redirect them to the questionable websites. Such soft is usually distributed by the means of bundles or fake installers. In the first case, UpgradeAssist goes together with other software Read more [...]

How to remove adware from Mac OS

What is Yourprizeszx? is the website, the purpose of which is to deceive victims into purchasing of questionable or even dangerous software, or to pay for nothing. The redirections to this site are usually caused by adware installed on the computer. Such malicious programs usually spread by the means of bundles or various fake installers. In case of bundles, criminals compile various software into one installer together with the adware and then promote it as a free or cracked software Read more [...]

How to remove TaskBrowser PUA from Mac OS

What is TaskBrowser? TaskBrowser can be characterized as a Potentially Unwanted Application. As the rule such soft is installed unnoticed by victims due to the ways it spreads. As the rule, criminals compile various software together with TaskBrowser into one pack and then share it as a free or cracked software pack. The terms of installation in this case are very unclear, so the victims don't even suppose, that they allow to install TaskBrowser application themselves. Sometimes hackers also create Read more [...]

How to remove BrowserProduct PUA from Mac

What is BrowserProduct? BrowserProduct can be characterized as a Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA)or an adware. In the most cases this software is promoted as a useful one for the Mac operating system, for example as an update for the Adobe Flash Player. In this case, criminals promote it by the means of fake websites. When victims come there, the sites show them various pop-ups and notifications, the purpose of what is to assure victims, that the file is safe to be downloaded. Sometimes BrowserProduct Read more [...]

The best ways to backup photos on Mac

How to make backup of iPhone on Mac OS If you wish to make a backup of your iPhone 5/6/7/8/X/11 data, you may use different software for these purposes: iTunes or iCloud. However, it's not so easy even for advanced users to make backups of iPhone on Mac OS and it goes without saying, that the opposite action - to recover data from Mac OS on iPhone/iPad is much more difficult. At the same time, it will be smart to have such a backup, as there is always a risk to lose your important and sentimental Read more [...]