How to remove

What is If your default search engine has been changed to, then your system is infected with a browser hijacker. This page was created to trick users into visiting unwanted sites by providing altered search results. In addition, a user might face the following symptoms: random websites opening, the appearance of bothersome pop-up ads, and constant redirects to sponsored web pages. All these actions greatly interfere with the browsing experience. That's Read more [...]

How to remove Homepage from Safari

What is is a browser hijacker that affects Mac OS supporting devices. This type of malware mainly focuses on redirecting your online traffic to partner sites. When your system is infected with, your homepage/search engine/new tab will be replaced with its own. As a result, users are forced to use the new search engine unless it's on your device. This page delivers irrelevant search results to make you visit sponsored sites thereby earning on clicks. Read more [...]

How to remove

What is is a browser hijacker that redirects you to search engine. Technically, browser hijacker is not a virus, it's a type of malware which is used for advertising purposes. However, that doesn't mean is completely harmless, the thing is that it may serve as a backdoor for other malware to enter. Once installed, it invades all installed browsers, modifies their configurations to make you visit certain websites, and fill Read more [...]

How to remove ConvertoPDF

What is ConvertoPDF? ConvertoPDF is a malware, that a user may find in a browser. This application can be installed without user's participation, this is one of many reasons why ConvertoPDF is categorized as a browser hijacker. The other reason is that it will change your homepage and search engine to its own without permission. Though it claims to improve browsing experience and offers PDF conversion feature, we inform you that this extension is not going to make your browsing better. We recommend Read more [...]

How to remove

What is is a fake search engine which is designed for advertising purposes. The main cause responsible for this action is a browser hijacker. As a rule, it comes to victim's computer along with other free programs using "bundling" distribution method. Once installed, it invades all installed browsers and then sets a new homepage. Despite promises to improve your searching experience, in fact, it will display commercial content and modified search results Read more [...]