How to remove redirect

What is belongs to the class of browser hijackers. It means that such a virus changes the default settings of your browser, such as homepage, settings of the New tab option, preferable search engine. Moreover, this hijacker always redirects you to a special site, where you can find the search engine. When you try to search with it, it shows you results made by Yahoo search engine. We can suggest, that this site can be Yahoo services advertising page. Read more [...]

How to remove QuickMail browser hijacker

What is QuickMail? QuickMail belongs to the class of browser hijackers. Such malicious programs change your default browser settings, as a preferable search engine, corrupt new tab option and change your homepage. Quickmail makes you to visit, where you can see search engine. This site doesn't provide you with unique search results and redirects you to the Yahoo. We suppose, that this hijacker is aimed at the advertising of Yahoo servises. QuickMail is considered potentially dangerous Read more [...]

How to remove Adaware secure search hijacker

What is Adaware secure search hijacker? Adaware secure search can be defined as a hijacker malware. In most cases such viruses are installed accidentally, but there are people who've done it themselves. The creators of these programs explains, that such plugins are made to improve your experience of internet surfing. Unfortunately, these programs are usually used to steal your personal information and then to use this information for providing you with different types of advertisements, or creator Read more [...]

How to remove hijacker

What is is a browser hijacker and it means, that this ransomware is able to collect your personal information and change the settings of the browser. If we are talking about this malware changes your homepage and then redirects you to This fake search engine provides you with the results from Yahoo search engine. We suppose, that the reason to make this site is Read more [...]

How to remove hijacker from macOS

What is is a browser hijacker. Such a malicious program can change the settings of your browser: homepage, preferable search engine, and also can modify New tab option. This virus always redirects you to search engine page. This is a fake page, as it shows search results made by Yahoo search engine. That may be suggestive of the fact, that has been made as an advertising redirect page, with the aim to promote Yahoo search engine. Read more [...]