How to remove GetFlightUpdates hijacker

What is GetFlightUpdates? The cyberspace is not safe at all, as there a great amount of threats that can break into your personal life and GetFlightUpdates is the one of them. This malicious software sneaks into the system mostly by the means of bundles. A bundle is a pack of software, that are combined into one installator. The terms of installation in the most cases are written not clearly, that's why users don't even guess, that they allow to install something else together with the necessary Read more [...]

How to remove OutputData PUA from Mac OS

What is OutputData? OutputData can be described as a Potentially Unwanted application, because this software usually installs unnoticed be the user of the infected device. To achieve it, the developers of OutputData use a number of tricks and the one of the most used is bundling. It means, that OutputData installs together with the other software with the one installator. Mostly the terms of the installation are written not clearly and users are confused whether they agree to install additional Read more [...]

How to remove Better Converter Pro hijacker

What is Better Converter Pro? Better Converter Pro belongs to the class, that is called browser hijackers. The developers of Better Converter Pro use a number of tricks, to successfully inject this hijacker into an operating system. The most widely used ones are bundled installators. It's so because of the installation terms: they are written in such a way to confuse a user and make him doubt if he or she allows to install something else or not. Then Better Converter Pro changes the settings of Read more [...]

How to remove Mystique hijacker

What is Mystique? Mystique software can be classified as the browser hijacker, as this software makes some changes in the settings of a browser. In the most cases, users don't even notice, that this malicious software is installed or has been already installed. It happens because of the ways of its spreading, to be more exact, this software mostly is distributed by the means of bundles. The terms of installation of such installators are strangely written and users doubt if they allow to install Read more [...]

How to remove MacPerformance PUA from Mac OS

What is MacPerformance? MacPerformance can be classified as a Potentially Unwanted Application. This type of software, according to the words of the developers, makes the work of Mac OS and the experience of using it much better. But the reality is a bit different. At first, this program makes a lot of changes in the settings of your browser and then begins to show you a great amount of annoying advertisements and pop-ups. These notifications can be even dangerous, as some of the viruses can install Read more [...]