How to remove Package Tracking App hijacker

Package Tracking App infection process Package Tracking App is a freshly made browser hijacker. To be more exact, this is a hijacker and a Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA) at the same time. This type of a malware is usually spread by the means of bundles - compilation of programs. In the most cases, users don't read the terms of installation and allow themselves to install such a malicious program, as Package Tracking App. When Package Tracking App gets into your system, it changes the settings Read more [...]

How to remove “I do know your passwords” scam

"I do know your password" infection process "I do know your password" is a new creative type of a cyber fraud.The fraudsters send you an email that contains of 1 sentence: "Password 4534", and an attachment. This scam message has a lot in common with CRITICAL ALERT – Automatic Disinfection Failed and You Have Won IPhone X Max, so you may be interested in the ways of removing these malwares. A great amount of users thinks, that they are infected, when they get this message, and that it's difficult Read more [...]

How to remove hijacker

What is belongs to the class of browser hijackers and it means that such a program has an ability to change the settings of your browser. Such programs in the most cases are spread by bundles as the most of users don't pay enough attention for the installation process and allow to install such programs themselves. When this software is installed, it changes homepage of a browser, modificates the New tab option and changes the preferable search engine. You should Read more [...]

How to remove Delete Facebook Messages hijacker

What is Delete Facebook Messages? Delete Facebook Messages belongs to the browser hijackers and it means that this malicious software is able to change default settings of your browser. These settings are: preferable search engine, the new Tab option and the home page. All these settings are changed in order to make you visit webpage. It's the advertisement page, where you can download a special toolbar. The purpose of this program is to collect your browser activity Read more [...]

How to remove MyOfficeX Search hijacker

What is MyOfficeX Search? MyOfficeX Search belongs to the hijacker family of viruses. It means that this malicious software changes the settings of your browser. Usually such malwares spread by bundles (installation package with more than one program) and users themselves agree to install such a software. We recommend you be attentive when you install a program, in order to prevent such situations. After installation the settings of your browser are changed and you can't restore them, as MyOfficeX Read more [...]