How to remove Quick Email Access

What is Quick Email Access? Quick Email Access is a malware, that a user may find in a browser. This application can be installed without user's participation, this is one of many reasons why Quick Email Access is categorized as a browser hijacker. The other reason is that it will change your homepage and search engine to its own without permission. Though it claims to improve browsing experience, we inform you that this extension is not going to make your internet surfing better. We recommend Read more [...]

How to remove

What is operates as a browser hijacker that often crawls into victims' devices together with other freeware programs. After installation, it starts altering browser configuration without users' permission. Subsequently, the user might notice an increased amount of pop-up ads as well as constant redirect to partner sites. Another malicious feature of is personal information tracking. It can monitor your searching queries, browsing Read more [...]

How to remove

What is webpage may replace your default homepage/search engine/new tab without users' agreement. The main cause responsible for this action is a browser hijacker. As a rule, it comes to victim's computer along with other free programs using "bundling" distribution method. Once installed, it invades all installed browsers and then sets a new homepage. Despite promises to improve your searching experience, in fact, it will display commercial content and modified Read more [...]

How to remove from Mac

What is is a potentially unwanted program that hijacks Safari, Gooogle Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox web-browsers. It is primarily designed to generate advertising revenue for its owners so every time you open your browser you will see web-page. Actually, it's a fake search engine that provides modified search results filled with a bunch of pop-up ads. This malware can't harm your Mac directly, however, its infiltration definitely Read more [...]

How to remove MusicTab

What is MusicTab? MusicTab may appear in a browser without user's consent. It will forcibly replace the original homepage and search engine, that is the main reason why MusicTab extension is considered as a malware (malicious software). The developers of this extension are using shady methods of distribution, like bundling. Use this simple guide to remove MusicTab from your Mac. Though this extension is trying to create an impression of a sound Internet search engine, you should know that Read more [...]