How to remove hijacker

What is is the application, that provides users with faster access to the free online games of different genres, as it's been described. This application looks like harmless and rather useful one, but in fact it's rather dangerous. Once this application has been installed, it changes the settings of the browser, such as the preferable search engine, new tab option and home page in order to force the user to use the services, promoted by The Read more [...]

How to remove redirections

What is is a malicious website, redirections to which are caused by a hijacker. Hijackers are software, that forces the users to use services provided by hackers. It's very easy to become infected with this malware, as hijackers are usually integrated with free software installators. These packs are also called bundles. The users in the most cases are unaware, that they allow to install the hijacker, that causes redirections to, as the terms of installation Read more [...]

How to remove Zoco Search hijacker

What is Zoco Search? Zoco Search has the features of a typical browser hijacker. This type of malicious software forces the users to use special sites and services, that hackers provide. Every user can face this threat, as the ways it spreads are various. The most widely used one is bundling - compilation of installators. The installation terms of such software are usually written in a very strange way in order to make sure the user is unaware, that he allows to install something else together with Read more [...]

How to remove redirections

What is is a malicious website the redirections to which are provided by a browser hijacker. Browser hijacker is a type of malicious software that changes the settings of browsers and force the owners of the infected devices to use services, that hackers provide. Potentially everyone can become infected with this type of malware, as it spreads by the means of different tricks. The most widely used one is bundling. Bundle is a special compilation of installators, that go together Read more [...]