How to fix “Windows cannot find javaw.exe” error

So, you got a pop-up message saying “Windows cannot find javaw.exe”. What is javaw.exe anyway? Is javaw.exe a crucial process for your PC work? How to fix the error? This article will help you to answer these questions and will give you a step-by-step tutorial to fix the error. Javaw.exe is a process used by Sun Microsystems and it ensures normal work of your PC and certain programs. The process is in charge of network security and it is also used to execute programs created with Java. The program Read more […]

How to get/restore missing DLL file

What are DLL files DLL files (where DLL stands for “Dynamic Link Library”) are very important for the work of Windows System. DLL files are used by various applications to perform their functions. If a specific DLL is missing, the application would not be able to run. Actually, a certain DLL file missing is one of the most common errors connected with DLL files. You know that you have this error when you get a pop-up error message saying something like: “Windows cannot find [a random name].dll. Read more […]