How to remove hijacker

What is If you noticed, that your browser home page, preferable search engine and new tab option have been changed to services, your device is infected with a hijacker. As the rule, this virus spreads by the means of various bundles and fake installers. In case of bundles, hackers compile various software into one installer, make the terms of its installation unclear and then share it for free. In case of installer, hacker promote them as original ones of Read more [...]

How to remove hijacker

What is is represented by the website and browser extension. This website also contains powered by Yahoo modified web search engine. The service is represented as a useful one, which makes the internet surfing faster and better. However, the real function of this service is different. Generally, victims are infected with this hijacker by various bundles. Hackers compile various software into a one installer and make the term of its Read more [...]

How to remove ads and pop-ups

What is is represented by the website, which looks like a regular web media player. When potential victims are on this site, it asks them to allow showing of notifications, as if it's necessary to begin watching the video. It goes without saying, that is nothing more than a fake website. It doesn't contain any real video and if you accepted showing of notifications, your computer will show you tons of various ads and pop-ups. The promoted websites as the Read more [...]

How to prevent ransomware attacks

What does "ransomware" mean? Nowadays, the internet is full of various threats. The one of them is ransomware viruses. In this article we would like to tell you about the ways hot to prevent ransomware attacks and describe the mechanism they use. Generally, they belong to already known family of viruses, such as STOP(DJVU) or Dharma. However, sometimes hackers create unique ransomwares whose encryption algorithms are unique too. In the most cases, ransomware viruses sneak into the system by the Read more [...]

How to remove hijacker

What is is represented by a website and a hijacker, that causes the redirections. This malware as the rule infect computers through various bundles. Criminals compile various installers into a one pack and make the terms of its installation so unclear as it's possible. It's necessary for them, as a victim should be unaware of this fact. Sometimes hackers even create fake installers and promote them by the means of fake websites. Such installers and sites always Read more [...]