How to remove pop-ups

What is Nowadays, the internet is not so safe as it's been before. There are a great number of various threats with unique behaviors. In our case, we are going to describe pop-ups. This site is represented as the service, by the means of which you can show various messages to a very wide audience. It may seem useful and trustful, but the reason is that they use pop-up messages for promotion. If you see these messages, it means that you've subscribed to it while you were surfing Read more [...]

How to remove programs and pop-ups

What is This site is represented as a free file sharing service. You can download a file and then you will get the link to share this file. might seem as a trustworthy website, but it's not. When you upload your files to this service, it compiles them into executable files. If you follow the link, you will see various advertisements. Moreover, the site will offer you to accept to receive notifications from Let's talk about the files. As the rule such sites are Read more [...]

How to remove notifications

What is is represented as a website which looks like a typical CAPTCHA. Such systems are used to protect sites from various bot attacks and that's why they are very widespread. As the rule internet users are redirected to such sites. The root of redirections as the rule an adware. Such malicious programs are usually distributed by the means of bundles and fake installers. Criminals promote such software as a free or cracked one. So when users come to Read more [...]

How to remove pop-ups

What is is a malicious website, which is designed like a CAPTCHA. This mechanism is used to differ real people from bots to filter the traffic. It helps to prot4ect web servers from various attacks and spam. However, is not a real CAPTCHA. As the rule, users come to this site due to the redirections. Mostly, the root of such redirections is adware type programs, which usually spread by the means of bundles and fake installers. In case of installers, Read more [...]

How to remove redirections and pop-ups

What is is represented by the website, the function of which is to force victims to share their personal information. When victims are redirected to this page, it shows them notification, that it's necessary to complete the survey to win the prize. At the end of the task, offers to share credit card info, or other personal information. Such redirections are usually caused by an adware installed on the computer. Such malicious software usually infects computers Read more [...]