How to remove Yontoo Layers Client

What is Yontoo Layers Client Some users think that Yontoo Layers Client is a dangerous program. I cannot say with confidence that this program is safe, but also I cannot claim that it is a viral program. The vendors of this program report that this program is a new browser add-on, which creates virtual layers that can be edited to create the appearance of a small change to the base site. Yontoo Layers works on any site in the network, although the functionality comes from separate applications Read more [...]

How to remove Mystart Incredibar

Incredibar is a program that belongs to potentially unwanted software, but it is not a viral program as most people got used to think. Mystart Incredibar is just a hijacker that is able to spoil users’ lives. Mystart Incredibar is a program that can subordinate your browser and control you every step, when you use it. This program presents itself as a browser hijacker. So, if this program is installed on your computer, then you should not be surprised if you cannot use your browser as you like. Read more [...]

How to remove KGB Keylogger

What is KGB keylogger? KGB keylogger is a commercial spyware program designed to monitor activities at home and in small enterprises. Anyone can install and use it for capturing screens and keystrokes on the computer where it is installed. This program is legitimate, but it might be used for illegal purposes without your knowledge and against you. If you are not aware of its presence, it can compromise your security and privacy. The best thing is to get rid of KGB keylogger as soon as you notice Read more [...]

How to remove Cheat Monitor keylogger

What is Cheat Monitor Cheat Monitor keylogger is a program that is able to follow every users’ steps. This program is helpful for those who want to know how other people use a computer when its owner is not present. Some users do not like the interface of the program, but it works fine. Cheat Monitor keylogger hides in the system in order not to be visible for users that are going to exploit the computer. If this program is used against you, then it is better to remove Cheat Monitor keylogger, Read more [...]

How to remove Widestep Elite Keylogger

What is Widestep Elite Keylogger? Widestep Elite Keylogger is a legitimate keylogger and screen capturing program used for tracing users’ activities. For example, it might be used for parental control or employer's control or tracing users’ activities in internet cafés and etc. Though, Widestep Elite Keylogger might be used by hackers to spy on anyone in the hope to get passwords and other security information. Certainly, you would prefer to remove Elite Keylogger and other spyware from your Read more [...]