How to remove MacRapidizer from Mac

MacRapidizer Pro is a Potentially Unwanted Program, that claims to boost your Mac computer's performance by removing malware with temporary files and optimizing your system. Though it will demand payment after scanning your system in order to "help" you with your system's issues. However, it’s not true, probably there is nothing wrong with your Mac, that's why recommend you to refuse to buy the full version of this badware. In this article we'll explain how to remove MacRapidizer Pro. Read more [...]

How to remove MyCouponsmart from Mac

MyCouponsmart is a rogue application that supposedly improves users’ shopping experience by providing the best prices on the desired goods. In fact, its main goal is to flood your system with a bunch of intrusive and unnecessary advertising for which developers generate revenue. The abundance of advertising, as well as constant redirects to affiliate pages, will freeze your Mac slowing down computer’s performance. Read more [...]

How to remove Pop-up Scam pop-up is a scam, that will redirect browsers and display following error “We have detected a trojan virus (e.tre456_worm_osx) on your Mac.” to trick users. This malicious program is targeting only Mac OS users. It’s created to make people think that their computer has crashed or that there is a real virus has been detected. We assure you, that there is nothing wrong with your computer, it's a blind threat to make you pay them. In this article you may learn how to remove scam. Read more [...]

How to remove is yet another browser hijacker that gets installed unnoticed and makes the web browsing unbearable. Once on the system, it aims for browsers and sneaks into as an add-on. Later it will result in the substitution of accustomed Google, Yahoo, etc. with its search. We should note that having this page is not dangerous, however, that is not to be said about using it. Read more [...]

How to remove from Mac is the name of an advertising domain that causes pop-up advertisements as well as constant redirects to sponsored pages. Malware like this often creeps into the system using other freeware programs as some developers don’t adequately disclose information that also installs additional software along with their software. Once installed, it starts annoying users with pop-up windows and redirects to*** and other suspicious sites such as betting sites, casino sites, adult content, scam pages stating that you won something valuable, and so on. Read more [...]