Best backup software for Mac OS

Why do you need backup software? It goes without saying, that multimedia files are big and important part of our everyday life. By the means of media, we keep our memories, have fun or perform our work. For this purpose, it's better to have backups, as far as memory of our devices have limits, or it may become corrupted due to several reasons. For example, very often people damage their devices because of coffee. A spill from a cup of coffee can easily destroy whole your life! In order to make a Read more [...]

How to remove AZOR ransomware and decrypt .AZOR files

What is AZOR? Today the humanity has to face various threats both on the internet and in real life. Due to the need of isolation, we spend much more time on the internet and use computers to work and to keep our memories safe. Such circumstances are a great opportunity for hackers to make profit. That's why they create new threats almost every day. The one of them is AZOR ransomware. This virus belongs to the file-encryption class of viruses. The infection with such a virus is always a great surprise, Read more [...]

Best Payday Loan Apps

How does it work? Nowadays the question of getting money gets a great importance. Sometimes force majeure makes us get money before the payday in no time. It goes without saying, that it's better to ask your relatives or friends, but what if there is no such possibility? The fastest way to get money quick in such situations is loan services. Many people think that such loans always have very high interest rates. However, such applications and services are very popular nowadays. Some of them doesn't Read more [...]

How to remove NEPHILIM ransomware and decrypt .NEPHILIM files

What is NEPHILIM? Nowadays humanity faces a number of problems and every family has to deal with it. And even now hackers make various viruses, that can easily destroy your personal life or business. The one of them is NEPHILIM ransomware. This virus doesn't belong to any already known file-encryption ransomware family, so it's a new one. However, in the most cases, hackers use well-known methods to spread it. Hackers often spread the virus by the means of fake installers. Such files are usually Read more [...]

How to remove notifications

What is If your browser redirects you to the web page, it means that your computer is infected with an adware. Such malicious programs are usually distributed by the means of bundles. Criminals compile various software into one installer and then promote it as a free or cracked software pack. You can easily face such files when searching on the free file sharing services or torrent trackers. Sometimes hackers also use deceptive installers to spread Read more [...]