How to remove (Mac)

What is is yet another variant of notorious Safe Finder PUP. There are many variants of Safe Finder virus and all of them operates the same way. The more detailed information about Safe Finder, you can find here. is categorized as a browser hijacker that is used for link promotion. It often comes to users' computers merged with freeware/shareware programs. Instantly after the infection, it alters browsers’ settings Read more [...]

How to remove

What is is a non-safe page, that may start to appear in your browser. The main reason to such uncontrollable pop-ups with ads and shady content is a malware infection. This adware may crawl into any system by means of notorious method of malware distribution - bundling. Simply said, a user may download malicious extension with any other software from the internet, which is why it is quite important to be careful when installing any program on a computer. Read more [...]

Best language learning apps

Is language learning useful occupation Learning languages ​​by application Important advantages The best app for learning languages The most popular free apps Is language learning useful occupation? Language proficiency makes it possible to communicate in most countries of the world, to watch the best films in the original without captions, to travel abroad, and it is important to know that knowledge of languages ​​helps in choosing a good professional. Read more [...]

How to transfer Photos from iPhone to Flash Drive (PC or Mac)

How to transfer photos from iPhone to Flash Drive If you wish to transfer your photos or other data from iPhone 5/6/7/8/X to another device (PC, Mac, Android Phone), you may use different services for this purpose (for example, iTunes). But sometimes it is not easy to transfer data through iTunes, for example when PC hasn't an internet connection. USB drive is a good old device for photos back up and for presentations and quick access to your data. If you need to transfer photos from iPhone to the Read more [...]