How to remove stubborn programs

Ways to remove stubborn programs It sometimes happens that you downloaded a program that seemed very useful at first, but then as you tried to remove it, it became clear that the program has decided to stay on your PC for good. What can we do in this situation? What steps should be taken in this situation? Some programs do have an uninstall wizard that can wipe the unwanted program off your PC's surface. However, if the program comes without such tool, there is one more common way to use. Read more [...]

How to fix software errors

Before I explain you how to fix software errors, I should define the term "software errors". Software errors are the errors that were caused by some incorrect work of some files of the software. So, we can subdivide all the software errors into three groups: System software errors (the errors of your Windows Operating System) Program errors (errors of different user programs) Driver errors (errors of the incompatibility or obsolescence of drivers for different devices) You are welcome Read more [...]