How to remove ExpertModuleSearch from Mac

What is ExpertModuleSearch? ExpertModuleSearch is a malicious application for Mac OS, that can be characterized as a hijacker or an adware. As the rule, such software spreads by the means of bundles, the terms of installation of which are usually not fully clear. That's why users accept to install ExpertModuleSearch themselves without even knowing it. However, nowadays criminals also make fake installators and fake websites in order to spread it. In the case of ExpertModuleSearch it usually spreads Read more [...]

How to remove ALKA ransomware and decrypt .alka files

What is ALKA? The one of the newest internet threats everyone can possibly face is ALKA ransomsomware. This virus belongs to the STOP(DJVU) file-encryption ransomware family, the members of which are such viruses as BBOO, REPP, NPSG, BTOS, TOPI, REHA, NOSU, PORET and KODC ransomwares. This family is one of the most widespread ones, due to the ways the viruses spread. In case of ALKA ransomware, the most widely used one is various executable files, which are shared through free file sharing services Read more [...]

How to remove “$$$” ransomware and decrypt “.$$$” files

What is $$$? Recently the new virus called $$$ has been detected. It got the name due to the extension ".$$$", added to the names of encrypted files. This virus doesn't belong to any already known virus family. As it's been reported, $$$ spreads by the means of various fake applications. However, hackers can also attack computers remotely by the means of Remote Access Ports. Moreover, nowadays hackers also widely use Remote Access Software, which are distributed by the means of bundles. Such programs Read more [...]

How to remove GeneralNetSearch from Mac

What is GeneralNetSearch? GeneralNetSearch is a dangerous application for Mac OS. As it's been reported, this app spreads by the means of fake Adobe Flash Player updater. However, it can also be easily distributed by other fake installators or bundles. In any case, for the most users, it's a great surprise to find GeneralNetSearch installed on their devices. Once this app has been installed, this app provides victims with a great amount of various advertisements and pop-ups. Still, this app is not Read more [...]

How to remove Mac Tonic PUA

What is Mac Tonic? Mac Tonic is represented as a useful application that helps to improve Mac performance. As the rule, this application is spread in bundles, the terms of installation of which, as a rule, are not clear. That's why potential victims don't even suppose, that they allow to install this app themselves. When Mac Tonic gets into the system, it offers to scan the system for possible problems. At the same time, it slows the performance of Mac in order to make victims believe, that their Read more [...]