How to remove Wcry Ransomware (WanaCrypt0r 2.0) and decrypt .wcry files

Wcry Ransomware is a file-encrypting virus which means all the important and sensitive personal files on your computer will be encrypted. In cases like this, cyber criminals use the same scheme to get victims to pay. The only differences are the ransom price and encryption method. Read more [...]

How to remove ByteFence

ByteFence is a 100% legitimate antimalware program, which protects your computer from various types of threats like viruses or trojans. However, distribution method of ByteFence is worrying because it is installed stealthily as additional software with various applications and without user's noticing. Furthermore, program brought with it its browser application which has the same name. Read more [...]

How to remove is a browser hijacker identical to,, and many other similar programs. The pattern of work of such programs is one, once infiltrated, it injects tons of its ads in browser. The advertising will be provided everywhere when you view webpages. Read more [...]

How to remove DigiSmirkz Toolbar

DigiSmirkz Toolbar is a browser application that supposedly improves the browser's work by adding quick access to most popular Internet services like Facebook, Instagram, Amazon ,and so on. At first glance, DigiSmirkz Toolbar may seem very useful but many computer experts classify it as an potentially unwanted program. After stealth installation, the program starts to display a lot of ads which are appeared over the page content. Read more [...]

How to remove ScreenShared

ScreenShared is categorized as an adware program which penetrates the PC without the user's consent. Its main function is to promote third-party products through the advertisement. The program encourages users to download various useless and malicious programs, thus getting a percentage of the sales. Read more [...]