How to play Dyson Sphere Program on Mac OS

Can you play Dyson Sphere Program on Mac? Dyson Sphere Program is a space simulation strategy game where you will have to build your own space factory. Every playthrough is unique, as far as Dyson Sphere Program uses a procedure generation and it makes us face various problems and use various game styles. Moreover, Dyson Sphere Program requires strong management skills, because you will control not only one factory, but you will also manage resources of planets, forming interstellar transport teams! Read more [...]

How to play The Medium on Mac OS

Can you play The Medium on Mac? The Medium is a brand new stealth horror video game. The game looks amazing and gives a unique gameplay experience by switching and investigating two worlds at the same time. The main plot is engaging, steeped in historical references, though they might be too subtle for people who know nothing about post-WWII Poland's history. In any case you definitely should try it! But we have to say that unfortunately this game requires Windows and there is no version of The Read more [...]

How to play Valheim on Mac OS

Can you play Valheim on Mac? Valheim, developed by Iron Gate AB, is norse-inspired survival game which drops players in a procedurally-generated representation of limbo. Using the world around you, players must not only survive but also build their skills and arsenal in order to take down numerous god-like foes. Valheim don't expose all mechanics in the very beginning, you should really explore this world. Moreover, this game has a multiplayer system, that ads a lot of fun to all your sessions. Read more [...]

How to remove ads

What is Nowadays the internet surfing is very dangerous, because day by day criminals find new tools to get the profit. The one of such tools is pop-up messaging. And in this article we are going to tell you about website, which is the source of pop-up messaging. Generally victims come to this site because of the redirections, the source of which can vary from scripts to adware installed on a computer. If you experience redirections to website, Read more [...]

How to remove pop-up notifications

What is is a malicious website, that tricks victims into subscribing to push-notification service. As the rule, victims come to this site unintentionally, because of redirections. The source of them can vary from site scripts to malicious adware installed on a computer. When a victim come there, the site displays a request to accept showing of notifications. The content of such ads can be very questionable, promoting dangerous websites, software and services. So because Read more [...]