How to fix missing rundll32.exe error

This program running on your system is very important. It is a wrapper that enables COM servers to be called from rundll32.exe and run DLL files in memory. Rundll32.exe invokes a function that is exported from a specific DLL module. The only DLLs that can be called with the rundll.exe and rundll32.exe files are the ones that are specified to be accessed by these processes.

Fast Automatic Solution:

Usually you wouldn’t notice it’s presence on your system, but the trouble might come when the system suddenly shows you a nice pop-up with a “rundll32 was not found or missing” error. The problem comes from the malware activity or some faulty driver ending in the corruption of rundll.exe. Quite often viruses replace this file with own versions for this file or infect the existing one. Then your antivirus might remove rundll32 from your system, and you get the error message about rundll32 absence on your system.

rundll32.exe missing from computer

Where to download rundll32.exe?

You wouldn’t ask this question if you have PC Cure Plus installed on your PC. This program make all the stuff in automated process and all the messing with new system protection for Windows Vista and 7 will be avoided and simple for you.

If you want to perform the process of rundll32 replacement manually, then you need to download rundll32 or replace the corrupted one with the right copy. For this you might use the following options:

  • copy rundll.exe from other computer with the same operating system placing it in your Windows\System32 folder and registering it with regsvr32 command.
  • find the right copy of rundll32.exe on your own computer in Windows\System32\dllcache or Windows\SericePackFiles\i386.
  • download rundll32.exe from the internet. There is a list of some sites where you can download this file.

Links to repositories:

This replacement is not that easy because Windows system is protected from the system program files replacement, especially Windows 7 and Vista. Even if you get a right copy of rundll32.exe from another PC or download it from the Internet, might be not able to replace the one in the folder System32.

Windows XP solutions

To replace this file on Windows XP you can use a special free utility program called “Replacer”. Download this program and the legal copy of rundll32.exe. Run the program and drag the legal EXE file with the mouse in the Replacer window. The program will make the replacement.

You can try to install rundll32.exe from the installation CD.

  • Put the Windows XP CD-ROM disk in your CD drive.
  • Click Start, and then Run.
  • Type expand X:i386rundll32.ex_ c:\windows\system32\rundll32.exe in the Open box ( X is the letter of your CD-ROM Drive).
  • Restart your PC.

Note: You can also use Windows\System32\dllcache or Windows\SericePackFiles\i386 as a source.

Windows 7 and Vista

To replace rundll32.exe in Windows 7 and Vista, you need temporarily to switch off the mechanism of the system file protection.

security tab in windows 7

To do that, you need open Windows\System32 folder and right-click rundll32.exe file. In the pop-up menu choose Properties and in the window that will come up open Security tab.

Click Advanced button and in the opened window open Owner tab. Click on Edit button and highlight your session name in the list.

Then, click OK button and say OK to the Windows Security message. This will change the file access for you and you can replace the file rundll32.exe with right one by hand.

change ownership windows 7

How to register installed copy of rundll32.exe file?

  • Press Start and select Run
  • Type CMD and press Enter
  • Type regsvr32 rundll32.exe and press Enter.
  • You will receive a message saying that the DLL was successfully installed.

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