How to remove Your Transit Info Now Pro PUA

What is Your Transit Info Now Pro? Your Transit Info Now Pro belongs to the Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA) and Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP). These types of software usually installed by the user accidentally. Such malicious programs as Your Transit Info Now Pro usually spread by bundling. Users usually don't pay enough attention to the process of installation and they themselves agree to install different malicious software. Your Transit Info Now Pro after installation changes your Read more [...]

How to remove Advance PC Solutions PUP

What is Advance PC Solutions? Advance PC Solutions is a Potentionally Unwanted Program (PUP). Programs in this category install on devices accidentally, as the most of the users don't install software attentively, at the same time the most popular mode of distribution of these programs is bundling. After installation this program begins scanning your device for different malware, software errors and then provides you with the results. When you try to fix these troubles, Advance PC Solutions asks Read more [...]

How to remove hijacker

What is hijacker? belongs to hijackers, as it changes your browser settings. It's necessary to remove as soon as possible, as this hijacker can steal your personal information and damage your browser. When your device is infected, your homepage and search engine changes to From the first look it looks like a normal search engine like google, yahoo and etc., however, the aim of such malicious web-sites is to steal your information and provide you with Read more [...]

How to remove Xorist-Mcrypt2019 Ransomware and decrypt .exe files

What is Xorist-Mcrypt2019 Ransomware? Xorist-Mcrypt2019 is a new modification of the well-known Xorist encryptor. This type of malware encrypts important files and makes you pay intruders in order to get your files back. Most commonly they add an appendix to the end of the file. This ransomware is not very wide-spread today, but it's new and it has all abilities to become one of the most destructive malwares of all time. Xorist-Mcrypt2019 uses Tiny Encryption Algorithm (TEA) to encrypt your files Read more [...]