How to remove Adroit System Care PUP?

What is Adroit System Care? Adroit System Care belongs to the class of Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP) and it means, that this software can trick you. Such software usually installed by the users accidentally, as it's usually bundled (installs with other software from the same installation package). Then, after the installation process, such software begins its work: it can collect information about your activity, it can show you different advertisements and it can slow down the work of your Read more [...]

How to remove pop-ups

What are pop-ups? is a kind of web attack aimed at making you allow to show you pop-ups. Such notification requests are not rare and you can see them anytime, while surfing the internet. After subscription, your browser begins to show you different types of pop-ups, such as: potentially unwanted programs advertisements, adult site advertisements and etc. These pop-ups can be shown even with a closed browser and it makes working with a computer very uncomfortable. Read more [...]

How to remove MOGRANOS Ransomware and decrypt .mogranos files

What is MOGRANOS Ransomware? Such viruses as MOGRANOS belong to the ransomware family of viruses. These viruses have different algorithms of work, but the main aim is always the same - they are made to make you pay. Nowadays it's as difficult to remove MOGRANOS Ransomware by yourself as to try unlocking a safe without a key. As I have already mentioned these viruses encrypts your files according to the special algorithm and it requires a special key to restore your files. When your files become Read more [...]

How to remove TFlower Ransomware and decrypt .exe files

What is TFlower Ransomware? When your files become unreadable and it seems that nothing has changed, the reason of it can be TFlower Ransomware and you should remove it as soon as possible. TFlower belongs to the encryption viruses family, it means, that such a malware changes the structure of a file and it requires a special key to reverse this process. Usually, after encryption files get an appendix, but in our case nothing changes, as encryption proceeds according to the algorithm of Cipher Block Read more [...]

How to remove Syrk Ransomware and decrypt .Syrk files

What is Syrk Ransomware? Syrk Ransomware is a type of encryption viruses. Every virus in this category has the same principles of work, that's why we warn you: don't try to remove Syrk Ransomware without a detailed guide, it may cause a damage. After infection with such a virus some of your files become unreadable. The reason is that such viruses encrypts your files with a special algorithm, when it's done a file gets an appendix, in our case - .syrk. Moreover, after encryption process, in most Read more [...]