How to remove Phobos ransomware and decrypt .borishorse files?

What is Phobos ransomware? Phobos malware belongs to the ransomware family of viruses. Such viruses are the same and different at the same time. Attacks of ransomwares are always unpredictable: usually hackers try to brute-force into your device with the help of open ports or send emails with malicious attachments. After the successful injection of a virus, it begins the work. A virus scans your device and seeks for the important documents and media files in order to encrypt them. Every ransomware Read more [...]

How to remove Adaware secure search hijacker

What is Adaware secure search hijacker? Adaware secure search can be defined as a hijacker malware. In most cases such viruses are installed accidentally, but there are people who've done it themselves. The creators of these programs explains, that such plugins are made to improve your experience of internet surfing. Unfortunately, these programs are usually used to steal your personal information and then to use this information for providing you with different types of advertisements, or creator Read more [...]

How to remove “Your Mac Is Infected With 3 Viruses” pop-up

What is "Your Mac Is Infected With 3 Viruses" pop-up? "Your Mac Is Infected With 3 Viruses" pop-up message is nothing more than a psychological attack. Hackers try to make you believe, that your device is infected and it requires immediate help. The purpose of this attack is to make you call the number. After it they will assure you, that you need to buy their malicious software and will get remote access to your computer. This is very dangerous as they can corrupt your important files, will get Read more [...]

How to remove “CRITICAL ALERT – Automatic disinfection failed” pop-up scam

What is “CRITICAL ALERT – Automatic disinfection failed”? “CRITICAL ALERT – Automatic disinfection failed” is an annoying and rather scary pop-up scam. This type of the attack is aimed at most inexperienced users. With the help of pop-ups hackers make an illusion, that system is really locked. The purpose of it is to make you call the number in order to sell you their malicious software and to take a remote access to your device. Never call at this number and never pay ransoms! If you Read more [...]

How to remove hijacker

What is is a browser hijacker and it means, that this ransomware is able to collect your personal information and change the settings of the browser. If we are talking about this malware changes your homepage and then redirects you to This fake search engine provides you with the results from Yahoo search engine. We suppose, that the reason to make this site is Read more [...]