How to remove is yet another browser hijacker that tries to mimic legitimate Google Search. There are many similar threats like,,, , and; all of them are developed by one company for the purpose of advertising third-party products. In that regard, it replaces your search engine and homepage with which, in addition, is not trustworthy since it shows irrelevant search results. Read more [...]

How to remove Screen Watch Now New Tab

Screen Watch Now is a browser hijacker that will change your web browser homepage and search engine to Usually, it gets on victim’s computer by means of other free programs that you could download off of the Internet. This program collects user’s personal information to find out what content the user is interested in. Read more [...]

How to remove ( is in appearance simple browser extension which shares information about current weather. Nevertheless, its simplicity should not confuse you as it’s yet another browser hijacker spreading along with free programs. This malware was created only for advertising purposes thus generating profit for developers. Read more [...]

How to remove Tweakerbit Security Plus

What is Tweakerbit Security Plus? Tweakerbit Security Plus is fake security program created for squeezing money from people. Although, it looks like usual security program, however, its declared abilities are not true. Tweakerbit Security Plus plays on people's worries about PC’s health by showing nonexistent threats which can only be removed in the paid version of the program. So most likely there is nothing wrong with your computer, and you shouldn’t waste your money. Moreover, it might Read more [...]