How to remove is a shady search engine created for advertising purposes. It has been classified as a browser hijacker due to the ability to attack most popular web browsers and modify their settings without requiring permission. We advise you to stay away from as it provides altered search results. Read more [...]

How to remove Shield-Plus History Cleaner

Shield-Plus History Cleaner is a browser extension claiming to protect your privacy while browsing the Internet. Nonetheless, many computer experts classify it as a browser hijacker for several reasons. At first, this program has the ability to modify browser configuration, change the search engine, installs helper objects without the user noticing. Read more [...]

How to remove AccelerateTab

AccelerateTab is presented as a browser extension that enhances your browsing experience. This program adds new homepage with advanced functionality to your browser, however, benefit of this pales in comparison with the inconveniences you have to face. Once installed, program modifies browser configuration, shortcuts and installs helper objects without user consent, which indicates that AccelerateTab is actually browser hijacker. Read more [...]

How to remove is presented as a legitimate search engine which offers quick access to popular websites directly from the homepage. Nevertheless, instead of using it, we urge you to remove as it acts like a typical browser hijacker. This program sneaks into the system and makes unwanted changes without asking your permission. Read more [...]

How to remove might become your default search engine after browser hijacking. This program affects web browser’s settings corrupting your browsing experience with constant redirects and sponsored by third-party advertisement. Please also note that produces altered search results in order to direct you to ad sites. Read more [...]