How to remove Weather Tool

Weather Tool is promoted as a tool that provides a quick access to weather forecast. Additionally, this program displays advertising content, and for that, Weather Tool refers to adware. In most cases, it is installed along with other free programs as an additional component that is set for automatic installation. Read more [...]

How to remove AdShield

AdShield may have a look of a legit extension, but you should know that PC security experts categorize this application as a browser hijacker. AdShield will get your browser configurations changed without your permission and disrupt your browsing experience with constant advertisement sponsored by third-party companies. That's why we advise you to remove AdShield browser extension. Read more [...]

How to remove GoMovix

GoMovix functions as a browser hijacker that sets your default search engine to without user agreement. Although, it may have a look a legit search engine, but keep in mind that it was built to promote affiliate marketing. That’s why you might see inequitable and altered search results. Read more [...]

How to remove Kometa Browser

Kometa Browser is a questionable Internet browser based on Chromium source code that claims to improve your browsing experience. Actually, Kometa Browser is an adware and it is concluded, accordingly, that program was built to support affiliate marketing. As a result, a lot of pop-up ads that will show up over and over on each page you visit concealing underlying content. Read more [...]

How to remove Porn Pop-ups

Porn Pop-ups is a potentially unwanted program which generates advertising content. It crawls into system by means of other programs without user consent. This method is called bundling. Then, it adjusts browser configuration to spoil it with various ad that not only interferes with viewing pages but also overloads the system. Read more [...]