Trojan horse is a malicious program that can be installed on your computer without you noticing. Usually it is installed when a user visits some malicious websites, opens e-mails from unknown users (and sometimes from friends if their computers are infected), or downloads freeware from fishy websites. You can never know for sure if doing this or that is safe for your computer or you will get a virus as a result. You will not notice the moment when a Trojan penetrates your system, but after the next reboot you might notice a lot of strange and unexpected things. Some Trojan horses are so malicious that they are able to deactivate the installed antivirus program, so it is not an obstruction for Trojans that are going to capture your computer. It is very difficult to delete Trojan manually, so many experts advise computer users to employ special Trojan horse remover in such cases.

The most famous Trojans that harms users’ computers are Netbus (by Carl-Fredrik Neikter), Subseven or Sub7(by Mobman), Back Orifice (Sir Dystic), Beast, Zeus, The Blackhole exploit kit, Flashback Trojan (Trojan BackDoor.Flashback), ProRat, ZeroAccess, CryptoLocker, Vawtrak. They are considered to be the most malicious Trojans.

Sometimes users cannot be sure that their computers are infected with Trojans, because most of their symptoms are similar to symptoms of other viruses, and so the users do not suspect the amount of danger their computers are in. Trojans can provide a remote access for hackers to the infected computer, so the hackers are able to make the PC a part of a Botnet and use it for spamming or viral attacks, steal electronic money, disable all internet traffic on the host, get sensitive data (passwords, credit card number, etc.), install and test some programs (including malware and ransomware), see through the webcam of a user, use internet connection to serf internet anonymously.

Trojan removal tool

Among the main symptoms of a Trojan infection we can mention:

  1. Presence of corrupted data on your computer.
  2. Trojans or other computer infections that infect members of your e-mail address book via attachments in e-mail letters from you, that you did not send.
  3. Spontaneously deactivated antivirus program.
  4. The appearance of files and programs without your consent or even without your knowledge.
  5. Numerous spam letters and messages in every (or just in one) social network and person to person program.
  6. Unexpectedly empty electronic wallet.
  7. Slow performance of your PC and reboots caused by it.
  8. Disabled Safe Mode, Task Manager, Control Panel and Registry Editor.

Some users try to delete Trojans with the help of manual instructions. But actually it is very hard to find effective instructions that can be performed. What can a user do without Task Manager, Control Panel and Registry Editor? Almost nothing. It is nearly impossible to delete Trojan manually because of its obstructive symptoms and the ability to deactivate Safe Mode and other system features. Even if manual method was effective, and a Trojan was removed, it can return after the next reboot, because of its obstinate ability to restore its files, folders and malicious characteristics. So that is why I advise you to use the special Trojan removal software that will help you to get rid of a Trojan on your computer. The most effective Trojan horse remover that I’ve ever seen can be downloaded through this link:

Main features of Spyhunter 4:

SpyHunter Detection and Removal Tool is Trojan removal software that was created to help users to eliminate problems with Trojans and other types of malware. SpyHunter is compatible with all versions of Windows from XP to 8. SpyHunter Free Scanner is able to detect all kind of Trojans, and SpyHunter’s full version easily removes them, requiring no special efforts from users. To find out if there are any Trojans on your PC, just download SpyHunter Free Scanner, using the link on this page, install it and run.

To get access to all features of SpyHunter, you will need to purchase the full version. As the main features of this program I can name the ability to scan all areas of the PC, including Windows Registry, find malicious programs and remove them, not giving Trojans a chance to restore themselves after the next reboot. Using this Trojan removal software, you will save your time and efforts.

*Free scanner and paid antimalware.
About Author: Material provided by: Alesya Orlova

Trojan horse remover: easy method to delete Trojan

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