How to remove Zyka Ransomware and decrypt .lock files

Zyka is fresh ransomware virus that locks personal user files. All this is done within a relatively short period of time. Once it gets on the computer, Zyka ransomware starts encrypting targeted files, including videos, pictures, documents, e.t.c. Read more [...]

How to remove RansomPlus Ransomware and decrypt .encrypted files

What is RansomPlus? RansomPlus is relatively new ransomware-type virus. RansomPlus uses typical scheme of this kind of malware. First, it locks your personal files such as photos, video files, documents. e.t.c by encrypting them. During encryption, each file is appended with .encrypted extension. For example, "photo.png" is renamed to "photo.png.encrypted". Then, to inform about further actions, it creates text file and places it in each folder with the encrypted files. Text file contains Read more [...]

How to remove Globe ransomware and decrypt .globe and .purge files

Globe is ransomware-type virus developed in honor of the popular Purge movies. After infiltration, Globe starts scanning and encrypting files, then it changes extension of infected files by adding .globe or .purge. Attackers leave the essential instruction in form of file "How to restore your files.hta" which you will find in each folder with the encrypted data. Read more [...]

How to remove Cryptorium Ransomware and decrypt .enc files

Cryptorium relates to ransomware-type virus. Once infiltrated, Cryptorium starts to encrypt files making them unavailable. After encryption, it invokes its program window, which contains the following message. Read more [...]

How to remove Dharma Ransomware and decrypt .dharma and .wallet files

Dharma is a new version of CrySiS ransomware. After infiltration, virus doesn't waste its time and starts encrypting your personal data immediately. The method of encryption draws on using asymmetric cryptography making file decryption impossible without special key. Notice that key is unique since it is generated within encryption process. Affected files thus become useless because you can't open or edit them. Read more [...]