How to remove Marlboro Ransomware and decrypt .oops files

Marlboro is the name of ramsomware virus designed to scare and force users to pay a ransom. There is another name of ransomware – DeMarlboro. Like other similar types of viruses, Marlboro encrypts files on the infected computer and appends .oops file extension to the name of all the encrypted data. It’s operating under the same scheme like other ransomware.

How to remove Merry Christmas ransomware and decrypt .PEGS1, .MRCR1, .RARE1 files

Merry Christmas is a ransomware that is very similar to FireCrypt, Erebus, Evil etc. First Merry Christmas ransomware sneak into your system, then it encrypts various personal data. After finishing encrypting with currently unknown algorithm, this ransomware adds .PEGS1, .MRCR1 or .RARE1 files extensions to the name of all the encrypted data. Merry Christmas ransomware uses typical ransomware scheme to force you to pay them. After finishing encrypting process, the ransomware will state that there are no ways to get your files back but to pay ransom.

How to remove Locky ransomware and decrypt .zepto files

Locky ransomware is a notorious file-encrypting virus from Locky family. In case if you can’t open your personal files whether they are text documents, photo or video files and the extension of them is changed to .zepto, .aesir, .shit, .odin, .thor, or .locky, so, your system is invaded with Locky virus. Moreover, new version of Locky renames all encrypted files using unique hexadecimal algorithm. Therefore, the chances of identifying original files virtually come to nothing.

How to remove Evil ransomware and decrypt .file0locked files

Evil is a ransomware that is very similar to FireCrypt, Erebus, KokoKrypt and Merry Christmas. First Evil ransomware infiltrates your PC, then it encrypts personal files. After finishing encrypting with AES algorithm, this ransomware adds .file0locked extension to the name of all the encrypted data. Once data on your computer is encrypted, Evil ransomware creates two files HOW_TO_DECRYPT_YOUR_FILES.TXT and HOW_TO_DECRYPT_YOUR_FILES.HTML on your desktop. You can find demands and instruction on how to pay the ransom for decryption in these files. Evil Ransomware is a serious threat to your PC, that’s why you need to remove Evil ransomware immediately.

How to remove Cerber ransomware and decrypt .cerber files

Cerber ransomware infects your computer, then encrypts personal and sensitive files, like images, music, videos, text files and so on. After finishing encrypting with RSA-2048 and AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption, this ransomware adds .cerber/.cerber2/.cerber3 extension to the name of all the encrypted files. In the latest versions of Cerber your files might be encrypted with different extensions, that usually include random characters and numbers. Usually it also comes with corrupting files names too, so that you can’t recognize what was the file before the encryption process.