How to remove Windows Efficiency Kit

Windows Efficiency Kit is an unreal antivirus tool that was developed to your money, tricking you. So, this fake antivirus tool has many similarities with many other fake anti-spyware software. Windows Efficiency Kit was released not so long ago, but it was installed into many users’ PCs and the users were swindled dangerous actions. The rogue program, having infected the PC. Users should not read the mendacious alerts and delve into them. If you find out that Windows Efficiency Kit or other fake Read more […]


How to remove Fedex Crypt Virus

Fedex Crypt Virus is the infection that blocks PC, encrypts user’s data and asks him to pay a sum of money ($300) in order to unblock the computer and to decrypt the user’s information. If you see the alert message that includes such information, then you can be sure that you have Fedex Crypt Virus. The most unpleasant thing about it that you really cannot use you Pc until this infection exists in the system. You also can not use Safe Mode in order to remove Fedex Crypt Virus because the infection Read more […]


How to remove Switzerland Polizei Virus

Switzerland Polizei Virus is a computer infection that can block user’s PC with an unpleasant message that will blame the owner of the computer in some very unpleasant offences. This message will convince the user that he is guilty and will demand 100 Euro as a fee for the crime. If your computer is locked with this infection, then you are reading the article that you need. I will tell you how to remove Switzerland Polizei Virus from your computer with the help of two methods, manual and automatic. Read more […]


How to remove International Police Association (IAC) virus

International Police Association (IAC) virus is a new type of infection that blocks users’ computer in order to frighten them and to make them pay money for the law violations that were not committed by them. This kind of virus is called ransomware and usually it uses the name of any serious official organization (such as police or other organizations) in order to look like more imposing. If you see the alert message from this infection, then you should not believe to it. The only thing that you Read more […]


How to remove Australian Federal Police virus (ICSPA Scam)

Australian Federal Police virus is a new infection that can pose a threat to the security of your computer. It is impossible to stop the process of penetration, just because you will not notice this moment. Your antivirus program is likely deactivated and will not inform you about the infection that is installing in the system. You will learn that the infection is installed only when you will restart your PC. It is impossible not to notice the presence of the infection, because the fake alert message Read more […]