How to remove Hermes837 and decrypt .hermes files

Hermes837 encryption process Hermes837 ransomware is a freshly made type of a malicious software, called encryptor. Such malicious software is usually spread by the means of fake emails. It means that hackers write messages as if they are representatives of a well-known company or are looking for a job. They also add an attachment with the malware, that infects your device once you open it. Of course, there are a lot of ways to infect your device and it's the one of them. So, if you open it, the Read more [...]

How to remove Mailto ransomware and decrypt .mailto[].*random* files

Mailto ransomware encryption process Mailto or KoKo ransomware is a new type of encryptors. This software uses Salsa20 algorithms of encryption in order to change the structure of your files. The most popular way to spread this virus is spam campaigns. Hackers send fake emails with malicious attachments. Once you open such an attachment, the virus is in your system. You may not even notice, that you are infected till the appropriate time: Mailto ransomware may wait till the special event triggers Read more [...]

How to remove Guarded ransomware and decrypt .Guarded files

Guarded ransomware encryption process Guarded is a new type of malicious software, that is called encryptor. This malicious software is usually spread by the means of email attachments, but there are other ways to infect your system. For example, hackers can scan the ports of your device to find the open one and with the help of the brute forcing get the access to your device. Once the virus infects your system, it proceeds several malicious processes, as the result of it, your files are unreadable, Read more [...]

How to remove Nusar ransomware and decrypt .nusar files

Nusar ransomware encryption process Nusar is a new type of STOP(DJVU) encryptor. This type of malwares is usually spread by the means of malicious email attachments. Once you open it, the virus immediately injects into your system silently. Then it begins scanning for the suitable files and encryption processes, but the trigger for this may differ from an immediate proceeding to a special event. As the result your files are unreadable, as the extensions of them have been changed to the .nusar ones. Read more [...]

How to remove PyLock ransomware and decrypt .locked files

PyLock ransomware encryption process PyLock ransomware is a new type of encryptors, the aim of which is to change the structures of your files. In the most cases this virus is spread by the means of different email attachments and once you open such a malicious attachment, the virus is successfully injected into your system. Then, sooner or later, it proceeds 2 processes: scanning for the appropriate files like documents and media files, and then encrypts them. As the result of these operations, Read more [...]