How to remove “CRITICAL ALERT – Automatic disinfection failed” pop-up scam

What is “CRITICAL ALERT – Automatic disinfection failed”? “CRITICAL ALERT – Automatic disinfection failed” is an annoying and rather scary pop-up scam. This type of the attack is aimed at most inexperienced users. With the help of pop-ups hackers make an illusion, that system is really locked. The purpose of it is to make you call the number in order to sell you their malicious software and to take a remote access to your device. Never call at this number and never pay ransoms! If you Read more [...]

How to remove pop-ups

What are pop-ups? is a kind of web attack aimed at making you allow to show you pop-ups. Such notification requests are not rare and you can see them anytime, while surfing the internet. After subscription, your browser begins to show you different types of pop-ups, such as: potentially unwanted programs advertisements, adult site advertisements and etc. These pop-ups can be shown even with a closed browser and it makes working with a computer very uncomfortable. Read more [...]

How to remove TaskFresh pop-up ads from Mac

What is TaskFresh? The creator of TaskFresh software describes it as a useful one and that the purpose of this program is to improve your experience of web surfing. The reality is different, the real purpose of this software is to show you different pop-up advertisements. This software triggers a user to push an advertisement and its very risky to have such a problem. There is a risk to download a hijacker, ransomware encryptor or other malicious software. That's why we strongly recommend you to Read more [...]

How to remove pop-up ads

What is is a malicious web attack. When you are at this site it will show fake messages. The aim of these messages is to trick you into the subscription to the notifications. After the click on the "Allow" button, this site begins to show you unwanted pop-ups. These ads can be for online games, potentially unwanted programs, adult site and etc. These pop-up ads can be shown even when your browser is closed. These pop-up ads make it difficult to use your device properly, so Read more [...]

How to remove Ads

What is ads? is adware, related to the number of potentially unwanted programs. In fact, auxiliary ads is a web page on which the user is asked to allow notifications to be displayed in order to access the content that interested the user initially. However, after clicking on "allow", the user condemns himself to a huge number of pop-up and other advertisements, which will be periodically displayed on the screen during browsing. Also, when Read more [...]