How to remove Fedex Crypt Virus

Fedex Crypt Virus is the infection that blocks PC, encrypts user’s data and asks him to pay a sum of money ($300) in order to unblock the computer and to decrypt the user’s information. If you see the alert message that includes such information, then you can be sure that you have Fedex Crypt Virus. The most unpleasant thing about it that you really cannot use you Pc until this infection exists in the system. You also can not use Safe Mode in order to remove Fedex Crypt Virus because the infection Read more [...]

Shop At Home toolbar removal instructions

There are a lot of toolbars that you can install in your browser, but if you are tired of your toolbar and want to remove it, then you are in the right place. In this article I’m going to describe Shop at home toolbar removal instructions, which will help you to remove this toolbar manually. The manual instructions that are enumerated here are not so hard to perform, so you can try to use it. I will also give you an advice how to remove Shop at home toolbar with the help of the special removal Read more [...]

How to remove Spamhaus Block Virus

Spamhaus Block Virus is a new type of ransomware that infect user's computers in order to deceive them and to get their money. This infection can appear on your computer in the case when a user will click on some unsafe links of advertising pop-ups. You even will not notice the process of installation of infection in the system, but after the next reboot you will see its activity in the form of blocking alert message. If you see this message, then the only right way is to remove Spamhaus Block Virus. Helpful Read more [...]

How to remove Similar Sites

Similar Sites is a new browser add-on that shows the websites similar to which that the owner of the computer visited. This browser extension is considered to be very popular, it is not a virus and has nothing in common with different infection. There is just one alarming thing that users do not know why Similar Sites is installed on their computer. But there is the answer to this question; the users installed this extension together with freeware. If you do not want to use the add-on that was installed Read more [...]

How to remove Deal Spy

Deal Spy is a browser add-on that is referred to adware type. If this toolbar is installed on your computer, then it will show different advertisements. This toolbar is not active till the moment, when you visit any online store. If the website that you visit has some special offers and tempting deals, then the toolbar will begin to show all the best coupons to you, no matter what do you think about it. Deal Spy can be installed on your computer without your participation in it or even without your Read more [...]