How to remove

What is pop-ups in your browser is a sign that your computer is infected with malware. This rogue web page is able to pop-up out of nowhere, even if your browser is closed. The content of this web page is quite suspicious too, will offer you to allow notifications to get access to some shady content. We should warn you that this web page is trying to sneak more malware into your system, that's why you should be very careful with this Read more [...]

How to remove MyDigitalCalendar

What is MyDigitalCalendar? MyDigitalCalendar is a misleading browser extension that hijacks many popular web-browsers like Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. Once installed, it makes adjustments to the browser configuration so that search engine settings can be blocked and the standard view of your search engine be changed to another one. Additionally, MyDigitalCalendar is responsible for the appearance of pop-up ads and redirects so your browser can slow down because of the amount of Read more [...]

How to remove

What is web page is created to trick users into downloading malware by subscribing to the push notifications. The reason why pop-up on your computer is an adware, that were secretly installed on a computer. In most cases such malware sneak into user's system with downloaded from the internet content, like any software - this is called bundling. The problem with bundling is that not all of software installer's appropriately display Read more [...]

How to remove Norvas ransomware and restore .norvas files

What is Norvas ransomware? There were a lot of older versions of STOP ransomware, and Norvas ransomware is the newest one. This virus is very infectious and dangerous for any system. Norvas ransomware can block all the personal files on your computer and makes it unreadable. First Norvas infiltrates your system, then starts encrypting procedure with AES encryption algorithm. This ransomware adds .norvas file extension to the name of all the encrypted data. In this article you can learn how to Read more [...]

How to remove

What is is yet another browser hijacker developed by the Mindspark Interactive company. DailyProductivityTools is presented as a useful browser extension that sets new homepage and search engine. In spite of this application is trying to create an impression of a legitimate extension, we should warn you that have no impact on search, it will only interrupt you with ads sponsored by third-parties. Such applications Read more [...]