How to remove

What is is a non-safe page, that may start to appear in your browser. The main reason to such uncontrollable pop-ups with ads and shady content is a malware infection. This adware may crawl into any system by means of notorious method of malware distribution - bundling. Simply said, a user may download malicious extension with any other software from the internet, which is why it is quite important to be careful when installing any program on a computer. Read more [...]

How to remove SD 1.1 Ransomware and decrypt .enc files

What is SD 1.1 Ransomware?SD 1.1, alternative name is NewSource Ransomware, it's a cryptovirus encrypting user data of various formats using a combination of 2 algorithms AES-128 & RSA-2048. As a rule, these can be MS office documents, audio files, video files, multimedia, archives and much more. SD 1.1 changes the file extension using the simple/(compound) extension .enc/.[].enc Read more [...]

How to remove Armageddon Ransomware and decrypt your files

In a sense, the name of this cryptovirus displays the consequences that arise when Armageddon enters the user's computer. Armageddon encrypts user data using the involved RSA-2048 algorithm. According to the data particularized in the lock screen (fraudsters' note with the requirements), the user must pay the ransom of 100 dollars or euro and this is strange because the course is different. Read more [...]

How to remove Gerosan Ransomware and decrypt .gerosan files

Recently, more and more users are wondering how to remove Gerosan ransomware. This is a cryptovirus that belongs to the STOP (DJVU) family that has spread throughout the world. Despite the fact that the cryptovirus is aimed at English-speaking users, this does not prevent it from encrypting user files in all corners of the globe. Gerosan encrypts user data, such as photos, videos, music, and so on. In addition to encryption, Gerosan changes the file extension to .gerosan. Read more [...]

How to remove

What is pop-ups in your browser is a sign that your computer is infected with malware. This rogue web page is able to pop-up out of nowhere, even if your browser is closed. The content of this web page is quite suspicious too, will offer you to allow notifications to get access to some shady content. We should warn you that this web page is trying to sneak more malware into your system, that's why you should be very careful with this page, try not to Read more [...]