How to remove Nosu ransomware and decrypt .nosu files

What does .nosu mean? If you see, that your files are unreadable and they have got new .nosu extension, it means that your computer has been attacked by Nosu ransomware. This virus belongs to the updated STOP(DJVU) file-encryption ransomware family, the only members of which nowadays are KODC and PORET ransomwares. The characteristic feature of these viruses is their ability to spread very fast. It's achieved by the ways how they spread. In the case of Nosu ransomware, as the rule, it spreads by Read more [...]

How to remove

What is service is represented by a website, application and extension for browsers. This service, as it's described, allows to download videos and audio files from YouTube. However, the main main of this site is different. When users decide to download something by the means of service, they experience redirections to various websites, that usually promote questionable and even dangerous software. The linked websites sometimes contain Read more [...]

How to remove KODC ransomware and decrypt .KODC files

What does .KODC mean? The one of the most widespread family of file-encryption ransomware viruses called STOP(DJVU) has got a new member. KODC ransomware aims at the preventing victims from the accessing to the definite file formats by the means of modifying their structures. Such files get new extension - .KODC after the encryption process. The only members of this family nowadays are Nosu and PORET ransomwares and they have a lot in common. As the rule, KODC ransomware spreads itself by the means Read more [...]

How to remove hijacker

What is is represented by an application and website, that are user-friendly for quick access to various popular websites and important information. In the most cases, it's a great surprise to find out, that the homepage, preferable search engine and new tab option are modified and the browser forces you to use the services promoted by It's so because of the installed application, that changes the settings of the browser and then prevents Read more [...]

How to remove The PDF Tools Plus

What is The PDF Tools Plus? The PDF Tools Plus is represented as a useful software, that allows to users to convert PDF files to other formats and vice versa easily without using other software. Moreover, the website of this app includes built-in search engine. In the most cases, it's a surprise for users to find out, that the browser redirects them to the webpage. That happens because as the rule The PDF Tools Plus application spreads by the means of bundles, the terms of Read more [...]