How to remove Banta ransomware and decrypt .[limboshuran@cock].Banta files

Banta ransomware encryption process Banta ransomware is a new version of well known encryptor - Phobos. The aim of this virus is to change the structure of the definite files in order to make you pay for the decryption key. Hackers usually attack devices by the means of malicious email attachments and brute-forcing of the open ports. Then the virus scans your device and searches for the documents and media files, in order to encrypt them. These processes can hardly be noticed and it's always a surprise Read more [...]

How to remove Stare Ransomware and decrypt .stare files

Stare ransomware encryption process Stare is a new type of ransomware viruses. It means that this program changes the structure of the definite files (encrypts) in order to make you pay for restoring these files. Injection of this virus always proceeds silently, without noticing. Hackers usually use malicious email attachments in order to spread this virus. When you open such an attachment, malicious code executes and your device become infected. It's very easy to understand, that your device is Read more [...]

How to remove Nemty Ransomware and decrypt .nemty files

Nemty Ransomware encryption process In this article we would like to tell you about Nemty ransomware. This type of malwares is called ransomwares, as these programs can change the structure of your files (encrypt) in order to make you pay for decryption. The infection process always proceeds unnoticed by the user, as hackers use some tricks: they put malwares into email attachments and usually directly attack your device by brute-forcing the definite ports. When the virus is successfully injected, Read more [...]

How to remove “You have been redirected to Apple Support page” PUP from Mac OS

What is "You have been redirected to Apple Support page"? "You have been redirected to Apple Support page" can be described as Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) or Potentially unwanted Application (PUA). The aim of such programs is to show you various pop ups, advertisements, redirect you to malicious websites and etc. To be exact, "You have been redirected to Apple Support page" PUP shows you a pop up window, that force you to call the number. This type of attack in the most cases uses psychological Read more [...]

How to remove Brusaf Ransomware and decrypt .brusaf files

Brusaf Ransomware encryption process Brusaf is a type of ransomware viruses that changes the structure of your files. This process is called encryption and when it's done, your files are unreadable. There is always a characteristic feature of this virus - new extension .brusaf. As you can see, you can't remove Brusaf encryption just by removing the additional extension. Moreover, you shouldn't do it, as you can corrupt your files at all. The aim of such a virus are documents and media files, as Read more [...]