How to solve svchost.exe (netsvcs) high disk usage problem on Windows 10

If your system works on Windows 10, you might face this problem. Svchost.exe is a legitimate Windows 10 host process that serves for proper Windows operation. But sometimes, this critical process could be the reason of slowing down the system performance.

How to fix RunDLL Sysmenu.dll error on Windows 10 startup

Some Windows 10 users can face RunDLL Sysmenu.dll error. The issue, in the form of pop-up message, occurs when Windows is starting. Let’s try to figure out what is the RunDLL Sysmenu.dll error. Well, it is not the system error. Actually, Sysmenu.dll error is just a part of malicious adware, which means, from now on, a lot of intrusive ads will be displayed on every webpage you visited. Mainly, the information produced by such ad is related to discount coupons.

How to remove/fix “Bad Image” error pop-up

“Bad Image” error pop-up is a fake pop-up message that appears when you start the computer or program. As was stated earlier, it is not system error and cause of it is the presence of malware on your computer. It certainly gets on your nerves because any attempt to run the program will be failed. And instead of this, the error pop-up is displayed. “Bad Image” error pop-up is often a part of Trojan infection, so it has a same methods of distribution.

How to fix “Driver Power State Failure” error in Windows 10

“Driver Power State Failure” error appears while you are upgrading your system to Windows 10 or when you are just turning on your computer. Usually this error displays on Blue screen of death (BSOD) on Windows 10. In many cases this error can be fixed by a restart. Still, if you are facing this error after PC restart, you need to fix “Driver Power State Failure” error.

How to fix dllhost.exe application error

Dllhost.exe is a Windows system file developed by Microsoft Corporation. The process is better known as COM Surrogate and it’s required for a stable work of web services. However, it is not uncommon to see dllhost.exe error message during computer startup or program startup.