How to remove Mac Heal Pro from Mac

What is Mac Heal Pro? Mac Heal Pro is represented as a useful software, that helps users to keep their Mac OS systems in a good state. Such soft is usually distributed by the means of bundles and sometimes it's a surprise to find out, that Mac Heal Pro is installed. That happens because of the unclear terms of installations of such software packs. When this app is installed, it offers to a victim to scan the device for possible problems with it. When the scanning is done, the results always show Read more [...]

How to remove

What is service is represented by a website, application and extension for browsers. This service, as it's described, allows to download videos and audio files from YouTube. However, the main main of this site is different. When users decide to download something by the means of service, they experience redirections to various websites, that usually promote questionable and even dangerous software. The linked websites sometimes contain Read more [...]

How to remove CentralLocator from MacOS

What is CentralLocator? CentralLocator is represented as an application, that improves internet browsing experience. In the most cases, users even don't suppose, that they have allowed to install this application. It's so, because CentralLocator spreads by the means of bundles. Bundle is a (usually) free software pack. Such packs can be found on various questionable websites, like file sharing services and torrent trackers. The terms of installation of bundles are usually not clear and people don't Read more [...]

How to remove Stop code: CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED | Error Report

What is Stop code: CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED | Error Report? Stop code: CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED | Error Report is a message by the means of which hackers try to force a victim to make a call to them. This webpage looks like an official message from Microsoft company. This site aims at the assuring people, that something is wrong with their deceive and it's necessary to make this call. Such tricks are common for scam websites, the functions of which force the user to stay on this page. The source of the Read more [...]

How to remove ads

What is Recently, many internet users have been redirected to the website. This site looks like a video player on pause and it's necessary to allow showing notifications to continue the video. Don't do it! This website is nothing more than a fishing website. If you accept this request, nothing will happen, but your computer will be filled with different advertisements. These advertisements can be of different formats: pop-ups, regular banners and etc. These Read more [...]