How to remove Package Tracking App hijacker

Package Tracking App infection process Package Tracking App is a freshly made browser hijacker. To be more exact, this is a hijacker and a Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA) at the same time. This type of a malware is usually spread by the means of bundles - compilation of programs. In the most cases, users don't read the terms of installation and allow themselves to install such a malicious program, as Package Tracking App. When Package Tracking App gets into your system, it changes the settings Read more [...]

How to remove “I do know your passwords” scam

"I do know your password" infection process "I do know your password" is a new creative type of a cyber fraud.The fraudsters send you an email that contains of 1 sentence: "Password 4534", and an attachment. This scam message has a lot in common with CRITICAL ALERT – Automatic Disinfection Failed and You Have Won IPhone X Max, so you may be interested in the ways of removing these malwares. A great amount of users thinks, that they are infected, when they get this message, and that it's difficult Read more [...]

How to remove “You have been redirected to Apple Support page” PUP from Mac OS

What is "You have been redirected to Apple Support page"? "You have been redirected to Apple Support page" can be described as Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) or Potentially unwanted Application (PUA). The aim of such programs is to show you various pop ups, advertisements, redirect you to malicious websites and etc. To be exact, "You have been redirected to Apple Support page" PUP shows you a pop up window, that force you to call the number. This type of attack in the most cases uses psychological Read more [...]

How to remove Adroit System Care PUP?

What is Adroit System Care? Adroit System Care belongs to the class of Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP) and it means, that this software can trick you. Such software usually installed by the users accidentally, as it's usually bundled (installs with other software from the same installation package). Then, after the installation process, such software begins its work: it can collect information about your activity, it can show you different advertisements and it can slow down the work of your Read more [...]

How to remove TaskFresh pop-up ads from Mac

What is TaskFresh? The creator of TaskFresh software describes it as a useful one and that the purpose of this program is to improve your experience of web surfing. The reality is different, the real purpose of this software is to show you different pop-up advertisements. This software triggers a user to push an advertisement and its very risky to have such a problem. There is a risk to download a hijacker, ransomware encryptor or other malicious software. That's why we strongly recommend you to Read more [...]