How to transfer Photos from iPhone to SD Card (PC or Mac)

How to transfer photos from iPhone to SD Card If you wish to transfer your photos or other data from iPhone 5/6/7/8/X to SD Card, you should have Mac/Macbook, PC, Laptop, or another device, that has a USB port, and SD Card support. To move pictures you may choose different software: build-in OS explorers, iTunes, or other software. SD cards remain a popular device for millions of users. If you need to transfer photos from iPhone to the SD Card on Windows PC or Mac, this article will help you to Read more [...]

How to remove AgileHelp PUA from Mac OS

What is AgileHelp? Nowadays there is a great amount of free software, that can be very useful. Some of these applications can be shared in packs together and such packs are called "bundles". The terms of installation of such packs are usually unclear, and users even don't suppose, that they agree to install something else. That is how AgileHelp mostly sneaks into the MacOS. As it's been installed, the users notice an amount of advertisements, even where it can't be. AgileHelp also collects "cookies" Read more [...]

How to remove AdLoad from MacOS

What is AdLoad? AdLoad is a new internet threat, that potentially can infect every device. This program may be described as an adware for the number of reasons. This program spreads by the means of fake installators, that are signed with an original signature, so the build-in defense system doesn't react. Once it's been installed, it provides the users with the great amount of advertisements and forces the user to visit questionable websites. AdLoad can easily install software without the user's Read more [...]

How to remove MightyBrowser PUA from MacOS

What is MightyBrowser? MightyBrowser can be described as the Potentially Unwanted Application. This type of software can be the reason of a number of issues. In the most cases, this type of software infects the Mac OS systems by the means of bundles and fake installators.The purpose of such programs are usually stated in the terms of installation, which are rarely read. The most of PUAs make some changes in the settings of the device in order to provide MacOS users with tons of different advertisements. Read more [...]

How to remove Hj8gjh pop-ups from Mac OS

What is Hj8gjh? Hj8gjh is a malicious website, that offers the users of the infected devices to download a questionable software. The redirection to this site occurs by the means of the pop-up message, that says that your device has been infected with viruses. It goes without saying, that this message is the fake, but not at all. If you see it, it means that your device is really infected with Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA) and it shows you Hj8gjh pop-up messages. PUA is the malicious software Read more [...]