How to remove ThreadProperty from Mac

What is ThreadProperty? ThreadProperty is a malicious adware type application, that makes internet surfing much worse. Generally, this app infects Mac devices by the means of fake websites. Such sites look like an official Adobe Flash website. The websites provide victims with various pop-up messages aimed at making victims to download and install ThreadProperty application, as if it's a necessary update for Adobe Flash. When it's installed, this app begins to provide victims with tons of advertisements Read more [...]

How to remove UtilityParse from Mac

What is UtilityParse? UtilityParse is a malicious adware application, that makes the internet surfing experience much worse. This app is promoted by a fake website, which looks like an original site of Adobe company. When victims are redirected to it, they are provided with various pop-up notifications. The purpose of them is to make a victim to download and install UtilityParse adware, as if it's an update for Adobe Flash Player. When it's installed, it provides victims with tons of various advertisements Read more [...]

How to remove ContentBenefits PUA from Mac

What is ContentBenefits? ContentBenefits is represented by an application, that is supposed to be a useful one. However, the real function of this app is different. ContentBenefits usually infects computers by the means of bundling and websites, which promote it as something useful. When this application is installed, it provides victims with tons of various advertisements and redirections. Sometimes such ads also overlap the content of websites and makes it unreal to surf the internet. The linked Read more [...]

How to remove Easy Mac Care from Mac

What is Easy Mac Care? Easy Mac Care is promoted as a useful software for Mac OS. As it's described, this program helps to get rid of various problems and speed up system performance. However, if you decided to get rid of them, Easy Mac Care will offer you to buy the full version of the program. As it's been reported, the most widely used way to spread Easy Mac Care is the use of various bundles. Generally, the terms of installation of such installers are not clear in order to deceive victims. Sometimes, Read more [...]

How to remove hijacker

What is Landslide Search? Landslide Search is represented by an application and the "" web page. As the rule, users wonder why they are redirected to this site. This happens because of the app, which usually spreads by the means of bundles and fake installers. If we talked about the first one, in the most cases the hijacker installs on a device because of the unclear installation terms. In the case of installers, often phishing websites are created. Read more [...]