How to remove Maftask process from Mac OS

What is Maftas? Maftas is a process that prevents a user from the deleting of Mac Auto Fixer software. This process opens Mac Auto Fixer program after the startup of the system. When it's open, Mac Auto Fixer immediately begins fake scanning process. The results of it are various problems, that cannot be removed by the means of the free version. Actually, there is no reason to worry about, the results of the scanning are fake. Malwares of this category usually provide users with advertisements and Read more [...]

How to remove ResourcesSource PUA from Mac OS

What is ResourcesSource? ResourcesSource is a new Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA), that attacks Mac OS. There are many viruses, that have the similar characteristics, for example: Tarmac, Helpermcp and Hlpradc. ResourcesSource in the most cases spreads by the means of bundles. ResourcesSource sneaks into the system as a rule accidently: installators of bundles are created in a such way to make users confused whether they agree to install additional applications or not. When it's in the system, Read more [...]

How to remove redirection from Mac OS

What is is a malicious website that looks like a scanner. When you are at this site, the first thing that you see is a pop-up message with the following message: "IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED. We have detected a trojan virus (e.tre456_worm_osx) on your Mac. Press OK to begin the repair process.". If you close this window, you will see the button "Scan Now", and if you press it, you will see fake scanning process. Then it will show you the table with the Read more [...]

How to remove Tarmac PUA from Mac OS

What is Tarmac? Tarmac is a Potentially Unwanted and Potentially Dangerous Application (PUA), that is a part of malicious attack that aims at collecting information about the user of Mac OS. The infection begins with the advertisement, that redirects you to the malicious website. This role plays Shlayer malware, then it shows a user the pop-up window, that asks to update the Flash player. If the user agrees, Tarmac installs without any problem, as it has official Apple signatures. When it's in the Read more [...]

How to remove Helpermcp PUA from Mac OS

What is Helpermcp? Helpermcp belongs to the class of Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA), that can possibly become a serious problem for the users of Mac OS. This type of malicious software is usually spread by the means of free software installators. In such case, this installator is called a bundle and Helpermcp installs together with a useful (in the most cases - not) software. Very often it spreads together with Mac Cleanup Pro, that is also cannot be trusted. The functions of Helpermcp Read more [...]