How to fix Windows Defender error 577 in Windows 10

Windows Defender is an antivirus and anti-spyware utility that comes with Windows OS. In Windows 7 and earlier versions of Windows it used to have anti-spyware functions only and could run alongside third-party AV's, but in Windows 8 it has become a full-fledged antivirus. When another AV is installed, Defender gets turned off so the two won’t impede each other’s work. One other reason for Defender getting shut off is malware damaging some related files or changing Registry settings. Read more [...]

What is the best free antivirus software?

How To Get The Best Free Antivirus Protection There is no simple answer to the question of what is the best free antivirus software. Each antivirus program has its strengths and weaknesses. One can be exceptionally good at detecting and eliminating threats but mark some perfectly innocent programs as dangerous and prevent you from launching them. Another will be quick and effective but will pester you with constant ads and prompts to upgrade to the paid version. Speaking of which, other then trying Read more [...]

How to remove 1719 error in Windows 10

Why did Error 1719 appear in my Windows 10? Windows Installer is a specific tool intended to install software. Error 1719 (‘Windows Installer service could not be accessed…’) means something’s wrong with this service, and any program with *.msi installation files won’t be able to get installed. This happens ordinarily when the files of Installer are corrupted or missing, or if its settings are configured wrongly. Some error during previous installation, Installer files deleted by mistake Read more [...]

How to fix Windows 10 error code c1900208

Microsoft tells us code C1900208 error means some of the apps installed on a computer are not compliant with Windows 10 and need to be uninstalled before Win 10 installation. Doing that helped some users to get rid of error C1900208, the usual offender being their antivirus. However, that was not always the case, and uninstalling such apps did not help everyone. Some think that corrupted Windows Update service is the issue, and the solution is delete all downloaded files and download them anew. And, Read more [...]

How to fix Windows 10 error code 0x0000005D

Error 0x0000005D when trying to install Windows 10 appears if your processor doesn’t support the OS in question. Generally, that happens because of the absent or disabled NX-bit. NX (“No eXecute”) for ABM machines, or XD (“eXecute Disable”) for Intel, or XN (“eXecute Never”) for ARM is a security feature that is required for Windows 10. To get rid of error code 0x0000005D while installing Windows 10, you’ll need to enter BIOS settings and turn on NX-bit. However, if you were trying Read more [...]