How to protect a credit card from scammers

How to protect a credit card from scammers No one is safe from illegal data theft, which can lead to the loss of money from your account. And this happens all the time - people are stealing money from their accounts. In some cases, the victims themselves even tell the fraudsters all the data, not understanding what they are doing. Most people think that they are not robbed and begin to worry when the money has already been withdrawn and nothing can be done. There are tons of ways to steal your Read more [...]

How to remove hijacker

What is can be classified as a browser hijacker. This type of malware is aimed at changing browser such browser settings, as the homepage, preferable search engine and new tab option. redirects you to the web page with the same title . This web page is a search engine, that redirects you to the Yahoo one. The main function of this site may be an advertising one, but also this site can be a collector of search request. This information Read more [...]

How to remove FeedBack PUA from Mac OS

What is FeedBack PUA? FeedBack is a freshly made Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA), that's been made especially for Mac OS. This type of malicious software has a great amount of abilities. It can show you different pop-ups, redirect you to the different web pages, silently download questionable software and install it. Moreover, it can change the settings of your browser such as the homepage, new tab option and preferable search engine, but the most dangerous thing here is the fact, that it Read more [...]

How to remove Dutan ransomware and decrypt .dutan files?

Dutan ransomware encryption process Dutan ransomware is a new type of STOP(DJVU) encryptor, the main purpose of which is to change the structures of your files and make you pay for the recovery-tool. This virus is usually spread by the means of malicious email attachments. Once you open such an attachment, the system of your device is infected and it requires an immediate help. The virus proceeds 2 malicious processes - scanning and encryption, as the result of which your files are unreadable. You Read more [...]

How to remove “I do know your passwords” scam

"I do know your password" infection process "I do know your password" is a new creative type of a cyber fraud.The fraudsters send you an email that contains of 1 sentence: "Password 4534", and an attachment. This scam message has a lot in common with CRITICAL ALERT – Automatic Disinfection Failed and You Have Won IPhone X Max, so you may be interested in the ways of removing these malwares. A great amount of users thinks, that they are infected, when they get this message, and that it's difficult Read more [...]