How to remove LockBit ransomware and decrypt .abcd files

Article's Guide What does .abcd stand for? Lockbit ransomware encryption process. How to remove LockBit Ransomware from your computer How to decrypt .abcd files Data Recovery Automated decryption tools Other software What does .abcd stand for? LockBit ransomware is a new type of malicious programs, that potentially everyone can face. This virus has a lot in common with other viruses, such as the viruses of STOP(DJVU) ransomware family: HETS, MSOP, ZOBM, ROTE, MBED, PEET, Read more [...]

How to remove PRIZE EMAIL scam

What is PRIZE EMAIL? PRIZE EMAIL 20!9 is a website, that informs the visitors, that their emails have been selected to participate in the lottery. If the user decides to participate in it, he or she will be redirected to the web page, that asks the user to answer 3 questions to continue. When this stage is complete, it offers to choose 3 prizes. Congratulations, you have won a great sum! But to get it, you have to pay a small amount of money. It goes without saying, that you won't get anything. Read more [...]

How to remove Grod ransomware and decrypt .grod files

Grod ransomware encryption process. Nowadays ransomwares are the one of the most widespread internet threats, that everyone can possibly face. Grod ransomware belongs to the well-known STOP(DJVU) file-encryption ransomware family. This family includes such malicious viruses as: LOKF, MOSK, TOEC, NAKW, Derp, COOT, Nols, Werd, Ndarod, Leto, Bora and RECO. However, these viruses are different, they have a lot in common. In the most cases these viruses spread by the means of fake installators and email Read more [...]

How to remove Hj8gjh pop-ups from Mac OS

What is Hj8gjh? Hj8gjh is a malicious website, that offers the users of the infected devices to download a questionable software. The redirection to this site occurs by the means of the pop-up message, that says that your device has been infected with viruses. It goes without saying, that this message is the fake, but not at all. If you see it, it means that your device is really infected with Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA) and it shows you Hj8gjh pop-up messages. PUA is the malicious software Read more [...]

How to remove Derp ransomware and decrypt .derp files

Derp ransomware encryption process. Nowadays ransomware viruses become more and more widespread as the ways of their disseminating change and become more and more devious. Derp ransomware belongs to the one of the well-known file-encryption ransomware family, called STOP(DJVU). This family includes such viruses as: COOT, Nols, Werd, Ndarod, Leto, Bora and RECO. All of them aim at the preventing the owner of the infected device from the accessing to the definite file formats and forcing the user Read more [...]