How to prevent ransomware attacks

What does "ransomware" mean? Nowadays, the internet is full of various threats. The one of them is ransomware viruses. In this article we would like to tell you about the ways hot to prevent ransomware attacks and describe the mechanism they use. Generally, they belong to already known family of viruses, such as STOP(DJVU) or Dharma. However, sometimes hackers create unique ransomwares whose encryption algorithms are unique too. In the most cases, ransomware viruses sneak into the system by the Read more [...]

How to remove ContentBenefits PUA from Mac

What is ContentBenefits? ContentBenefits is represented by an application, that is supposed to be a useful one. However, the real function of this app is different. ContentBenefits usually infects computers by the means of bundling and websites, which promote it as something useful. When this application is installed, it provides victims with tons of various advertisements and redirections. Sometimes such ads also overlap the content of websites and makes it unreal to surf the internet. The linked Read more [...]

How to remove ROOE ransomware and decrypt .ROOE files

What is ROOE? Recently, the new internet threat called ROOE ransomware has been discovered. This virus belongs to the STOP(DJVU) file-encryption ransomware family. This family is one of the most widespread ones, and its members are such viruses as BBOO, ALKA, REPP, NPSG, BTOS, TOPI, REHA, NOSU, PORET and KODC ransomwares. This family is so widespread due to the ways it infects computers. In case of ROOE ransomware, it spreads by the means of various executable files. The most common type of harmful Read more [...]

How to remove BHACKS ransomware and decrypt .bhacks files

What is BHACKS? Every day the internet faces a new threat. In this article we will tell you about BHACKS ransomware. This virus doesn't belong to any already known family of file-encryption ransonwares. Attacks of this virus are always unpredictable. It's so due to the ways it spreads. The most widely used one is the usage of fake installers. Hackers share the file as if it's important soft for the operating system. Such files can be found on the file sharing services, torrent trackers and specially Read more [...]

How to remove pop-ups

What is is represented as a CAPTCHA. This site tries to lure victims to allow notifications from it. So it means that you won't be redirected to a necessary page after the "confirmation", but you will be provided with tons of various pop-up messages and notifications. However, is not a malicious one, but the linked websites can easily be. Such sites usually promote questionable and even dangerous software and sometimes Read more [...]